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Sim 10 Commandments (White Giant)

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Jo Salkilld (White Giant)

Monday, June 2, 2008 - 11:09 pm Click here to edit this post
Aesop, I appreciate what you are trying to say, and I too stand up against bullies. But the 10 commandments do not signal the 'Age of Bullies'. It is actually sensible advice - admittedly phrased in a rather in-joke way which most n00bs won't understand. The advice is common sense, and it would be nice to think it is so obvious that it doesn't need to be given, but unfortunately that is not the case.

Because this game has a war element, it attracts a fair number of pyscho-teens who think the point is to register a country and then pick a fight, or who have a testosterone-fuelled need to prove their virtual penis-size (apologies for the ageism and sexism, but I am speaking generally rather than specifically).

Another, wiser player once likened entering this game to walking into a bar off the street. I'll expand on that by saying that the bar is populated by a mixture of gang members and people who were passing by. The gang members think of it as their favourite place to hang out and have a lot of sophisticated weapons, but they are happy to share it with casual drinkers. They are also (for the most part) happy to help new people make it their home-from-home.

Using that analogy, the 10 commandments translate as follows:

1. Don't steal someone's drink.
2. Read the 'no smoking in this area' signs, and smoke elsewhere.
3. Don't get drunk and climb on a table, waving your private parts in the air and generally embarassing yourself.
4. (this one is for the gang members / vets) Don't sell the latest automatic machine gun to anyone walking in off the street - chances are they will use it to shoot everyone else in the bar, including you.
5. Don't stab people in the back when they aren't looking.
6. Don't pick a fight, unless it's with the idiot on the table waving his private parts in the air, at which point everyone else will back you up.
7. Don't walk up to the biggest gang member and tell him he's a pussy.
8. (this one is also for gang members / vets) Stick with your mates - loyalty is important in this environment.
9. Don't take someone's chair when they nip off to the lavatory and don't try to pull it out from under them. There are plenty of unoccupied chairs scattered around - take one of those.
10. The barman can throw you out if he doesn't like you - it's his bar!

Not really bullying - just common sense. Anyone who treats this game as the tightly-knit community that makes it brilliant, will get on fine, get lots of help and enjoy it to the full. I have been here nearly two years and I have seen plenty of asshats get a second chance, and some of them even made good. I have also done my share of nuking n00bs, but only when the guy wouldn't listen to reason (and I mean SERIOUSLY wouldn't listen to reason - anyone remember flewis? :) ).

In other words, The Age of Welcome has been part of Simcountry for a long time. YAY!

Hugs and respect


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