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DavePat (Fearless Blue)

Monday, June 2, 2008 - 03:41 pm Click here to edit this post
Ice cores are the worse possible way to measure change except for recent events. Now ask yourself why I say this (and I am not alone most of the real scientific community says the same thing). It is possible that there were massive ice sheets 300 million years ago - but we dont know for certain - only speculate via geology - becuase none of those ice sheets survive. Ice core samples can only give us an approximation for a couple of hundred thousand years and then only for the region the sheets exist in. Geologists for instance have demonstrated that the CO2 content messured in some recent samples from 22,000 years ago is off by a factor of 2, that is the CO2 content messured is half the actual level from the geological record. The arguement made of course is that the ice sheets are more accurate because they contain trapped air, ignoring the fact that the air sample had been pressurized, under extreme pressure many things happed to air, in matter of fact much of its content can be absorbed by the ice itself. Although the make up of the air 20 or so thousand years ago is interesting or even air 200K years ago - beyond that the exact content of the things that make up air (percentage of O to H for intstance, water content doesnt exist the air is all dry) is suspect for this and many other reasons and not generally accepted by those whose job it is to study the past. Furthermore as one digs deeper into ice sheets the exact age of the ice is called into question. One sample supposedly from 50,000 years ago was found to have trapped several plants which only dated 5000 years. Guessing is nice but science isnt based on guess work presented as fact. An asteriod may or may not have wipped out the dinosaurs 65M years ago, it is guess work and a theory only, there are other theories equally as valid. But ask the average man on the street what happened if they heard at all you will get the big rock from the sky theory.

People tend to believe what they are told, and boyo are they told some whoppers and buy right into them, regardless of the logic. When confronted with the facts that dispute what they were told - they argue the position they have chossen to believe - is this all faith based then? You bet it is! Like any religion!

All men have beards
Only manly women have beards
Plato has a beard
therefore we must assume that plato is a manly woman.

See what using false facts will get ya?

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