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Monday, June 2, 2008 - 07:29 am Click here to edit this post
Aesop-To be fair to you, allow me to ammend. Our climatologists do have reasonable data to make conclusions about general trends of historical weather patterns and conditions. Ice core samples and gelogical study can allow for that.
The problem that occurs is when some claim to know "why, how, and what the future holds." That is complete rubbish. There is simply no data that allows for scientific verification of hypotheses that are dealing with global trends over periods of time greater than human existence.
Furthermore, pretending to perfectly understand the mechanics of aspects of our planet that have only recently been discovered much less observed is lunacy. To claim otherwise is either colossally ignorant or utter fraud.
You have attempted to use mathematical calculation to establish facts based on equations that must be as valid as something my grandchildren could contrive. You wrote of theory upon theory, yet your argument is the same. Estimate multiplied by guess equals whatever product you wish.
To claim to have workable models or mathmetical equations for environmental conditions is pure fantasy. Thus, when this entire nonsense got rolling some decades ago, responsible "scientists" merely laughed and said we would need 50 more years of observations and study even to begin to make guesses about climate change. Those voices were quickly silenced, however, due to the reality that this has never been about the environment but rather socio/political/religious belief systems being foisted upon an ignorant populace. Scare tactics and "what if" scenarios are the bread and butter of political propaganda.
And that is all climate change and environmentalism is: political propaganda for societal and governmental changes.
Nothing more.

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