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Aesop (Little Upsilon)

Sunday, June 1, 2008 - 04:25 pm Click here to edit this post
How can you say that a hole in the ozone layer is a cycle since it's the first time in human history that it's occurred? Same thing with the melting ice caps, if it's the FIRST time we've seen something happen then it can not be called a cycle. A cycle is proven to happen over and over again and since we can only prove that these events have happened one time it is premature to label them cycles.

Lets deal with the facts of the matter and not speculation and science taken on faith. What do I mean? When you base theory on theory that was also based on theory it doesn't really have a leg to stand on. You can say "it took 50 million years to form the icecap". If you're saying that because it snows 2 inches a year and there are 2 miles of ice then that means that it took that long... WRONG! Who's to say that for 50 of those years it didn't snow 25 feet a year? NOBODY! It was before recored human history and we only believe that we know or understand.

Science is so screwed up that they hide evidence that they themselves uncover. For example, with current dating methods the lower layers in the Grand Canyon date to be less old than the ones at the top. Funny how they are so willing to tell us that! They hide the fact that their own methods are unreliable. Until science learns how to be honest (they can't, the idea of God offends them too much), as long as they have to cover up findings to support their theories then all of it is garbage because so many things are being based on error and false information.

Lets look at Dark Matter for example.

Our brightest and best look at the heavens and discover that the gravitational forces don't line up with the matter we know to be out there so they imagine something called dark matter that applies these gravitational forces, then they go about teaching it as fact. Simply because they don't understand enough they create a lie and then base other theories on it. Now we can say that dark matter recharges comets and that's why they haven't run out of steam over billions and billions of years. (since of course we've said that they've been there that long) See how that works? People will actually believe what they are being told and believe that dark matter (which never really existed in the first place) makes comets emit their tails for eons.

It's like a simple math problem... If you start with incorrect information then the final answer can not be correct.

Sir, the real world is full of people who like to control others especially what they think and believe.

The math is the math, it's not designed to scare, but to inform. 3.8 cubic liters really is 1 cubic gallon... a car really does put out that much exhaust, for every 2 cycles of that engine it WILL put out 1 cubic gallon of exhaust, period, this is FACT. The nature of CO2 is fixed within the laws of physics, which is fact. Does calling it a scare tactic make it untrue? What we choose to believe about something does not have any affect on what the truth really is.

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