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DavePat (Fearless Blue)

Sunday, June 1, 2008 - 03:32 pm Click here to edit this post
Global warming is not the issue. The issue is is man the primary cause of it? Does man contribute enough to the issue to be able to affect the out come if we just gave up all modern comforts and all decided to live like say the romans did? BTW anyone ever bother to look up how much CO2 content was 2000 years ago? Shock it was higher. In fact the little Ice age 450 years ago had higher CO2 content then today. Oh another incovienant fact.

I can post all sorts of math, like how much one small volcano can emit in green house gases, or one large one for that matter, or how much was emitted by the tidal waves recently - bet ya didnt know that one did ya? Let's see I can also state that Al Gore's movie out of 23 so called global warming facts 21 of them were just last year ruled by a court as being fabricated, total distortions of the facts or just non existant. So much for that.

Instead of listening to people who may have an idea of what is going on we tend to listen to conspiracy nuts, self proclaimed experts, people with agendas, scare mongers, etc. The problem is they are not as disorganized as they were 60 years ago when they were saying the same things.

Scare tactics - Gee the glaciers are melting. The Polar ice cap is melting. Fact: As some glaciers recede others are growing in fact the total amount of ice hasnt decreased at all. Fact: The Northern Polar ice sheet didnt form until about 14 million years ago when the Ismus of Panama connected sealing off the atlantic and pacific oceans - hell lets blame it on the canal. The Earth and life got along fine without a polar ice sheet.

Scare tactics - There is a hole in the Ozone layer. Fact this is a cycle that occurs its sort of like the earth breathing and its parts open and close. You havent heard much about the hole because its been closing for the past decade. But fear not in another couple of decades when it opens up again you will hear all about it. This is related to CO2 BTW, since the primary gas being released was CO2, with it shut CO2 is expected to go up but not anywhere near the hundred or so thousand parts per million needed to actually create a green house - currently its around 350 358 if memory serves me - 2000 years ago it was 420ppm and 365ppm during the little ice age.

Ok enough of this crap - what is going on? First off a polar shift is taking place and expected to complete around 2012 (Yea the Myans may have been on to something). The south pole will become positive and the north negative. In itself this is not a problem. Mixed with everything else occuring naturally we have no clue since we dont know what it all adds up to until the conclusion is reached. Next, The Solar cycle is at a low, yet we still have more activity with the sun than we did in any other low period. Let us keep in mind the sun works on 12 year cycles with its own magnetic field, but also works on a 144 year cycle and another even longer, etc - when several of these cycles come together to occur at the same time the solar system is affected. That is what is taking place currently - hence temp increases observed on all the bodies of the solar system, places where man doesnt live BTW.

Are weather paterns changing? Again these work on cycles and several different cycles are coming together. Last year we were told by the Greens we would see more CAT5 hurricanes. Guess what they were wrong - the reality is they were playing on statisics that dont apply because they dont have any real science behind the nutball crap.

And talking about crap I have posted most of all this throughout this thread proving yet again no one really reads what is posted and if they do they dont comprehend it or choose like many to just ignore anything that doesnt agree with what they have been told to believe.

The CIA did it yes!! ROFLAMO BTW the math is designed to do one thing scare you into thinking something that isnt reality. How much water is contained in exhaust how much CO2? Fear is a great motivator used by socialists to get you to agree to all sorts of things - didnt Hitler convience people that if we just got rid of the Jews all sorts of good things would start happening? What really gets me is this comparission will be lost on so many so I have to actually explain myself. The National Socialists were not far off the current Greens in their belief that people could live more simply without modern things, yes they created the VW but it really wasnt for the common man. Exercise, outdoors, using wood stoves, riding bikes, its funny to me how little people know what National Socialists ideas are still being presented all in the name of how good it is for us, gee just like they presented them.

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