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DavePat (White Giant)

Saturday, May 31, 2008 - 04:35 pm Click here to edit this post
What stolen Iraqi oil? Does anyone bother any more to check a fact they post? I agree the average guy in France probably does see the war in Iraq as an oil grab by the US. However the fact is we are getting less oil from Iraq post war then we were pre war. The people who got Iraqi oil were in Europe, the French, the Germans and a few others. In the case of France they were paying less than market price while having to pay over market price once it reached the pumps. This is a part of the problem we face in this country and the rest of the world. Preceptions never meet with the facts, but its convienant to blame the US and accuse it of all sorts of things if someone sits in the WH that you are told not to like. France and German were against a US invasion of Iraq because it would expose the corruption of the oil dealings going on, which has been done, yet no one has been charged with so much as a traffic ticket for the crap, yet they got rich off it! How is this so, because a willing socialist media elected to side with the socialists then in power to hide the truth and say the US did it to grab the oil.

A few actual facts might help:

1. US oil imports are from Canada, Mexico, South America then finally from the middle east. Iraq ranks near the bottom of US oil imports from the ME and ranks below that oil which we get from Indosia. We get more in fact from former Burma and these amounts are very small compared to the total amount.
2. Oil is not the problem the US faces with growing prices. Refining what we have is. We dump 9Billion barrels a year into the ground as a strategic reserve out of around 30 Billion imported. I guess we are planning for the future.
3. The US has not permitted a refinery to open in the US for over 30 years. As refineries come off line for refab only plants doing minor improvements can even approach the cost factors involve while the expense to upgrade the others is so huge as to make it impracticle to do so, so instead the plant is allowed to just sit there growing grass. The net result of this is a loss of 40% of US refining capability.
4. Importing refined gasoline was used to off set this loss of capability. Although much more expensive and dangerous this source is drying up as well as China has expanded greatly its need for immediate products, but will be able to be bought again once the 292 new refineries China is building come on line (The US in comparission has 268 operating refineries).
5. The US once was the worlds largest petro products exporter. It hasnt been now for 20 years as refining capability began to decline.
6. Did you know that oil is used to produce Vitimins? I bet you didnt know that. I bet you also didnt know it is used to make some cooking oils, especially since the revelation that veg oil has transfat in it. ROFLMAO this con job is one of the best yet! Create a transfat scare so you can discover transfat in cooking veg oil so you can use up more oil making cooking oil.

Yes let us based our opinions on what the media is willing to tell you, screw the facts, screw the truth, just bury the heads in the sand and continue to believe government and those in power, the real power, actually give a crap if you live or die, well actually they do, they would rather you die off a little earlier while making you think you get to live longer.

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