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Aesop (Little Upsilon)

Saturday, May 31, 2008 - 03:15 pm Click here to edit this post
You guys know that there can be no such thing as Democracy right? That as soon as a Democracy comes into existence it immediately ceases to exist because it becomes an Aristocracy, a system ruled by the rich. The love of money makes it so that no government type works.

As far as the American elections go, I believe that people in foreign lands get a different perspective than we Americans do here at home. Lets take 911 for example. An American most likely views recent events as being attacked by a radical people and the response to that attack. A Frenchmen most likely sees a nation that has destroyed it's own currency and is rushing to gain 20% of the world's oil supply to prop up their failing money, providing their population with a "pearl harbor" event so that they will tolerate their own country robbing natural resources from other nations. (this is not to mention the decades old war on drugs where America controls the illicit drug industry world wide)


Guys, we are viewed as the "Evil Empire" of the 21st century and rightfully so.

They know that our government is only smoke and mirrors and that it doesn't matter who's elected because we are "staying the course" and staying the course means that we will continue our diabolical plan to keep the dollar from failing even though it was our own corrupt leaders that devalued the country so much so that it's worth about what Canada is with about 10% it's population and development! (Oh, and that's what we're worth WITH the stolen Iraqi oil! AND $1 Trillion in laundered drug money going through wall street every year!)

Sad, sad, sad. totally FUBAR

Which pill did I eat again? the red or the blue? I forgot :/

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