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DavePat (Fearless Blue)

Saturday, May 31, 2008 - 02:05 am Click here to edit this post
Oh one way to fix it is to stop electing socialists to congress. Maxin Waters during the recent House investigation into oil prices remarked to one of the oil execs that she didnt much care what he had to say since they (the congress) planned to nationalize them anyway. This was the stumble stutter speach she made in one of her openings recently when she stumbled over the word socialize.

The problem with people like this is simple. They know better than others how to steal money and ruin economies. The world itself had better take notice cause if we make this final leap to a socialist state the rest of you living in your socialist paradises are doomed and I say good. I dont much like what will happen, the millions that will end up dying as a result, or the pain millions more will suffer, but who knows maybe the next time around we will get it right.

The facts be damned nationalize it to pay for other programs - the fact that you will destroy the retirement system be damned. But then I am not sure George Soros will actually allow them to do it anyway. Half his 3 billion annual income comes from oil and gas. Yes that powerhouse of money for socialism owns an annuity fund and is very successful at making money for retirement programs. So much so that he can well afford to dump millions into nonsense created to do exactly what has happened. Maintain control over the creation of new refineries, new wells for gas and oil and frankly ensure that we are dependant on oil from canada and mexico so the prices remain high so he can make still more money. Nationalize the oil industry and you get a lot of cash to spend on socialist programs of course gas at the pump will climb to 10 bucks a gallon and the government can then step in and defray the cost by subsidizing but this will only last so long and by that time will only help them and their rich friends cause the average person will have had to park the family car (hence saving the environment) because they are the only ones that can afford them. The retirement system willhave gone belly up and most people will be a holdin to the government for their SS retirement check and will have to eat dog food which is more expensive than most other food items. Then we can all pat them on the back for solving all our problems. Oh and let us not forget suicide will be legal so we wont have to face off on a battlefield to regain control.

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