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DavePat (Fearless Blue)

Saturday, May 31, 2008 - 01:47 am Click here to edit this post
Oil first - Geologists (the real ones that do it for a living) have been coming around to the idea that oil is naturally produced by processes in the earth's core. This is not a new idea it just wasnt the one adopted at the time the text books were written. (There is a story behind this I may post one day it is amussing). When oil and natural gas were discoverred on other bodies in our solar system it should have quickly killed the idea that oil comes from dinosaurs and old plant life, but for some reason the popular myth continues on. Frankly because not to many Earth Science Text books are written by either a scientist or a geologist. As to the rate no one knows. I frist hit upon this in the mid 90s when I was doing some work for BP and talked to their engineers. Its not been a secret it just has been ignored by most of academia.

When was the last time a non lawyer was appointed to the Supreme Court of the US? Anyone?? The fact is there is no requirement that a person with a law degree be the only ones to be so appointed. Frankly it is nieve at the best to say that only people with certain degrees should be allowed to hold offices. In fact having to hold a degree at all is silly. Many of best statemen never held college degrees and among our worst have held PhDs. Lawyers are probably the least equipted at common sense since a large part of their training is to disregard common sense (refer to my post on rule of law or justice), but this is the profession most likely to not only run for office but to get elected. Poly sci is the next least qualified again the degree does not mean what you think it implies a person versed in politics. If you think governing is all about the politics then you havent been paying much attention to this thread. It is however what most people accept. Also allow me to note much to their credit most people with poly sci degrees dont run for public office. They run the campaigns that get other elected. Economists again are the least qualified to run a government, if you think government is about economics again you have not read this thread carefully enough. Personally and statisically the best legislatures with degrees have been historians, maybe they understand the cycle better.

The US House of Representatives is suppose to be the people's house. Made up of the people, for the people. Today a person without a degree has little or no chance getting elected dog catcher and in many cases a degree is required by statue, in other words only people in the club may apply. What better way to ensure only people of like mind will be in charge?

Two party is often blamed for the problems. Frankly this is the easy way out. WE ARE RESPONSIBLE, simply because we were too damn busy to pay attention and kept electing the same people over and over saying its the other guys that are screwing it up, not our guy. I talk to a lot of people about politics and issues and I am not surprised when a person shows little interest beyond the moment and go off on their merry way still clinging to their preconceptions.

There is no simple reason for the plight, there is no easy fix, but the beginning is to stop holding on to the myths and urban legands and start to become educated.

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