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DavePat (Fearless Blue)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008 - 02:55 pm Click here to edit this post
Hemp is what ropes used to be made from plus a lot of other things. However once Marijuana became popular and the word hemp was associated with it, our congress in its wisdom decided people were smoking ropes so outlawed it.
I should add this was a democratic controlled congrss with a democrate as president, but again the republicans got the blame.

Back to Obama and the current election cycle. There have been several recent op-eds and editorials on the West Virgina Hillary win that just have me rolling on the floor. The barak campaign has been getting various papers to run a theme on the election there. It goes like this, the exit polls show about 20% of voters did not vote for Barak because he is black. They even go so far as to quote one woman that said something to the effect that I couldnt vote for anyone of color well just cause ya know how they are. In the various pieces it is highlighted that West Virginians are uneducated, poor hillbillies so this is why so many hold this obvious racist view and didnt vote for Obama. Of course all these uneducated racist idiots voted for Hillary so it is meaningless to the overall state of things anywhere else. Of course all these articles ignore some very inconvientant facts. First o ff around 20% of democrat voters in every state including ones he won in have said race did effect their decission not to vote for him. Of course 20% also said they didnt vote for hillary cause she is a woman and 20% said they didnt vote for McCain cause he is male. Back when there were more people in the election you could find 20% of the voters not to have voted for someone for nearly any reason you care to mention. Statistically 20% not voting for someone for these reasons is pretty much a norm! Also the question in this case was not part of the exit polls but rather an obama poll run a couple of days later - they were looking for a much higher number than what they got because they didnt ask the same Q the exit poll asks but issolated it hoping to get a much higher result. The also failed to ask if the voter voted for Obama because he was black which 60% of blacks are saying yes to. Since 20% of all people in WV voted against Barak becuase they are racists does this mean 60% of all blacks are racist or sexist because they would not vote for the white woman? Let us also keep in mind this is not a poll question to republicans but to democrats who voted in the primary!!! Is Obama trying to tell us that 20% of the democratic party are racists? Or 60% are? Since blacks only make up about 15% of voting democrats does that mean all the racists if he is nominated will vote for McCain and isnt 20% higher than 15%?

I realize the messages here will be lost on democrats and socialists in general that read this, that is just too bad. I find the entire thing just too damn funny, except at the end of it a nut ball like this might just become president, because most people are just not bright enough to catch on to this, just like all those idiots in WV and other states that would not vote Obama!

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