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Emperor Duble'tar (Fearless Blue)

Thursday, December 09, 2004 - 05:56 pm Click here to edit this post
To: vincent Kieff

Please dont be sorry at all, I know many who love and know the Lord Jesus that loves TBN. I have heard testimonies out the fihizzy (just an expression) of the works and miracles god has done. I even have had my own experiences to where no one could fix it but God, and he has. I even heard him speak to me, *I Mean Really Speak*. But the factual evidence could never be recognized as fact, because it is from a singular source, Me. So I dont expect you to believe, just wanted to know is there any other TBN watchers, who watch them not for the purpose of mocking.

To Matt:Dont worry Matt, I wont listen :) . However you have screwed the "true message" of the gospel. When they are on there, they do not say "give me money or go to hell". They preach the Law of God and while I am here let me clarify that.

Main Clause put in American Law (Judicial) Form:
God made the world and all things seen and unseen. He gave his commandments (and if we were god we would not bow to a heap of dust complaining about the rules). What he says is final. He also made man. Man (which is you) broke the law (his Holy Commandments). You were therefore to face the punishment (which is one punishment for all crime...all crime is "SIN: The breaking of the God's Law"). The punishment (which is also for angels who Satan) of Eternal Fire. God is HOLY, Extremely HOLY, Pure in every way...purity would love to be as pure as God. He will not tolerate SIN from any creature...

Quote from the Holy Bible.." Shall the pot say to the potter, what has thou made; shall the son say to his father, what has thou begotten...Woe to the man who strives against his creature".

Since all man is guilty for committing sin (even your own sins which you can blame on no one but your self) he was facing Judgement. God , being the judge, loves Mankind, which he created to live with himself. So he wanted Jesus to come and pay the fine of death, because Man couldnt handle it, and Jesus could. Also so that man would go free. Jesus did this on the cross.

As for health and stuff, the bible says that whoever sins shall have diseases and things added to them. These are the light penalties which we pay while we are here. "Whom the lord loveth, those he also chastise", "As a father chastises his son, so The Lord Chastises us"..."Do not despise the Chatising of the Lord".
Jesus came howver that those who would believe on him shall be healed! I have seen this many times. if you want you can contact these ministries and visit crusades for yourself to see the miracles with your own eyes.

1. Benny Hinn Ministries
2. R. W. Schambach Ministries
3. Rev. Leroy Jenkins
4. Andrew Wommack Ministries (Very Good Down to Earth Man, you might be able to relate to him more).

We all have to use common sense. I cant break the law of man and get mad because I got arrested and mock the system saying " Oh yeah, they want us to live the american dream alright, thats why they made the death penalty and the FBI". Thats foolish. You broke the law. You cant play with fire and get mad because it burned you, and mock saying " oh is useful for stuff yeah right" (bad example). We broke the Law. We thus get sick, and even die. However, Jesus is the richman saying, all who will come and desire not to be criminals let me in your house (heart) and serve me, and I will pay your fine.
Why serve him? "He who is liberated is again enslaved by he who made him free." Jesus said "I make you free, howbeit, freedmen are my servants."

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