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FarmerBob (Little Upsilon)

Monday, May 26, 2008 - 05:51 pm Click here to edit this post
@Phatz: Amen Brother. Well said. The only things I would like to add are regarding infrastructure concerns with hydrogen production. It take large quantities of electricity to produce it through electrolysis, the only practical method for large scale production. Steam Methane refoming, the current method of choice can't scale up and requires natural gas, another limited commodity. At current efficiencies it is at best an energy transfer medium as it requires slightly more energy to produce than it produces itself. Therefore, hydrogen technology must be coupled to power production increases. Nuclear is by far the best option, but then we would have to send up shuttle flights to retrieve the EnviroFascists from orbit before they started damaging satellites. Hydrogen is utterly sustainable, however, as not just an alternative, but as a primary energy source.
Around 10 years ago, the EPA changed regulations requiring most service stations to replace their fuel storage tanks. The average cost range for this was over $250,000. The costs of hydrogen storage is much higher and the feds will need to pony up to offset costs and subsidize the process. Only the retail outlets of the major oil companies could internalize those costs.
Hydrogen is still the way to go however. It's long term potential is unrivaled.
Fuel cell technology is alright for pasenger car use, but has definite mass/scale limitations that make it impracticle for commercial use. It is also expensive as hell.
Best efficiencies with current and near term technology is Hydrogen fuel with hybrid-electric
systems. But once again, politics is the real driving force and reality be damned as usual.

@DavePat: the oil hearings are just another joke of the bullshit artists that we elect. Save your blood pressure and don't watch. If those oil execs don't have the cojones to stand up and scream at those self-righteous elected criminals, thats their problem. You ever hear of a "Contempt of Congress" charge sticking just cuz the "Honorable Gentlepeople" got told off?
Fuck Congress sideways. You are right again, lying sacks of shit in the media perpetuate these urban myths that enable the posturing of our so-called leadership.

@Austia: the US is unique in many regards to our needs and capacities. BioFuel is a ponzi scheme pure and simple. It might make sense for farms to do a little distillation and run their own equipment on ethenol, but it simply CANNOT work on a national level. The potential energy in any crop, even if we should plant every square meter of the country, cannot meet our energy requirements. Same problem with solar. Only wind power begins to hold limited potential in certain locations, but haven't you heard? Wind farms kill birds. EVIL,EVIL,EVIL!

Keep the comments coming. This is very theraputic.

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