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Sunday, May 25, 2008 - 08:03 pm Click here to edit this post
All very true DavePat and Miller. Of course supply is still the issue with $130+/barrel costs. The new paradigm of "peak production" prices is unlikely to change. Crude prices will likely stay above $100 permanantly.
The refining situation in the US is beyond argument. Refining capacity here has actually DECREASED over the last 30 years. That's the fact. EcoFascist control of the Democratic Party and inexplicable influence on the moronic mainstream media here is largely to blame. The very fact that we even have power plants that are non-nuclear is testament to that.
The largest problem is that every damned thing in this country has become politicized and corrupted. We can't get a sustainable energy policy because the regulatory apparatus is controlled by elected charlatans owned in turn by combinations of private industry and social engineering special interests. No one in this country can get elected to national office without selling their soul to someone. The process may be permanently broken. Personally, my faith in America as a political and economic system has never been lower. I sincerely believe that Dems/GOPer's would rather see the country burn than see each other gain power. Of course, more power is gained each year as government gains more influence over our lives. Thus, the spoils of the political contest are that much more valuable to the combatants and the value of "investing" in political influence that much more profitable and efficient for the special interest groups on all sides.
I'm pissed off. Can you tell? Happens every Sunday when I read the paper cover to cover. The effrontery of the lies that pass for political positions being echoed by sheer scum that celebrate themselves as "champions of truth" (read anyone involved in national media) make me physically ill.
Can anyone tell me why this country doesn't need a good revolution? It is going to happen eventually as the INSANITY of both political wings deepens to lower depths of dementia.

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