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wmiller159 (White Giant)

Sunday, May 25, 2008 - 05:05 pm Click here to edit this post
Coen - you said that energy shortages are caused by" oil producing nations and companies taking advantage of the situation " and that socialist politicians have not had any impact on energy shortages.
Certainly the oil producing nations are taking advantage of the situation by limiting their production. The actions of the oil companies could be debated, certainly with a gradual rise in the costs of raw materials ( oil ), they are able to sell their refined product ( gasoline ) at a higher relative price that accounts for their high profit margin. However the US and State governments earn more in taxes for each gallon of gas sold than the oil companies do.
Its my opinion that the correct response to this situation is to open up the us and its territories
to oil exploration ( including Alaska's north slope and all the gulf coast areas) where its generally known oil reserves exist. The current oil prices would make such exploration economically viable. Its clear to me that many US politicians have blocked such efforts in the past so they are partially responsible for the current situation.
I also believe that we need to encourage conservation as well. Fuel economy standards should be strengthened.

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