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Coen Hyde (White Giant)

Sunday, May 25, 2008 - 08:53 am Click here to edit this post
I never said national socialism is fascism, that's completely wrong. I said that most people associate fascism with national socialism because nazi germany was both.

Sure power may be one reason why politicians get into politics but to keep that power they have to get re-elected. And as far as many career politicians are concerned the next election is as far as their vision goes. Here lays the problem when solving long term problems.

Damn right oil is a political stick. Our entire society depends on it and we will do anything to make sure we have it. Oil is such a cheap form of energy, even now as the price rises. Don't you think it's a little bit silly to have something so crucial to the functioning of our society in the hands of others? Peak oil is not about oil running out. It's about not having the capacity to produce more as demand rises. I agree with everything you said regarding oil in the war on terror and iraq.

Lol, sadam did not lie and make everyone think he had WMD. It was a complete fabrication in American media. It was a bullshit story. Though i do think they thought they'd find some WMD's. I mean America did sell some to sadam after all.

Action to reduce America's (and Australia's) reliance on oil should have been taken decades ago. But it's such a difficult task (and possibly suicidal if timed wrong) that no country has undertaken the challenge. Now you can't replace oil. But you can build better public transport systems, encourage decentralised shopping centres and alternative transport technologies. In reality the best solution i can see is to electrify everything and worry about carbon emissions later.

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