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DavePat (White Giant)

Sunday, May 25, 2008 - 05:12 am Click here to edit this post
Coen National Socialism is not fascism which is another form of right wing socialism. Hate to keep popping you bubble but your koolaid views really are ill informed and are a source of the problem. You seem to have this idea that right wing socialism bad and left wing socialism good. Or republicans bad democrats good. Government arent in the busy to get reelected. People are and people see being in government as holding power over others which is the prime motivator for going into politics to begin with.

There are no consequences for using oil, this is utter nonsense. Oil is a natural renewable resource. Oil is used as a political stick and a huge amount of disinformation is now fact over it. You seem to have fallen for the nonsense on this issue as well. I bet you even believe global warming is being caused by greedy rich people driving around in SUVs.

Now here is classic Bullshit. Bush recently asked the Saudis to increase oil production. Why? The problem isnt with the supply its with the refining. We are at capacity for refining so having more raw material will net you what? And it isnt just Bush and the republicans the dems are even better at this game. The war against terrorism when we invaded Afghanistan was about the building of an oil and gas pipeline through the country. Thats why we invaded it. Once we shifted to Iraq we did it to get their oil - evil us. Now that we are in a supposed shortage we ought to be taking the oil from iraq. I kid you not on any of this. The dems have said it, and are now saying it. Its amazing how an individual can live in this world and country and not ask what the F over nearly any issue you care to mention as the people in power keep flipping and flopping to blame one guy.

Lets understand what Bush is responsible for: Reality Nothing except advancing socialism in the US.

Now what he is blamed for: Katrina, The Tornados in Kansas (I kid you not according to Obama last week Bush killed 10,000 people in the state, of course the offical death toll is 12 but never mind that fact), the iraq war, he made Sadam lie and make everyone think he had WMDs which have been found in Syria seems he moved them there before we invaded, hell Bush made him move them, oil surplus - yea when gas was down to 99 cents in 2001 Bush got actually blamed for that! Not credited but blamed, read the Oped for the NYTimes on it, Bush leaked or ordered Plames name to be leaked to ... take a guess ... of course while the NYTimes spent 2 years blaming Bush and the members of his administration for this one they knew full well who the leak actually was, the reporter told the owner, the managing editors and the editorial board who it was, yet they spent 2 years running any and all articles that blamed bush and anyone near him (libby, Rove, Chaney), then finally it was discovered that a Democratic Operative working in the State Department under Powell did it. When this revelation was made public the Times went silient. I can go on and on how the Great God Bush did this or that or caused this or that, hell in a single week he both caused and uncaused a dozen disasters and events.

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