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FarmerBob (Little Upsilon)

Sunday, May 25, 2008 - 03:07 am Click here to edit this post
OK. Time for a topic shift. Here is a prime issue that demonstrates how full of shit both political parties are.
We have reached world peak production on oil. Oil is extremely useful for products other than petroleum. Most plastics are oil based for example. Therefore, the world will continue to pump oil for as long as we can find it. Ignoring for the moment EnviroFascist arguments, the economic impetus to shift over internal combustion engine usage to an alternative fuel
is compelling. Biofuel as an alternative is not a complete option as the BTU/Acreage ratios are simply inadequate to produce required quantities.
This fact is well known to the powers-that-be. Fuel cells as a practical and affordable power source for cars are 15 to 20 years out at a minumum despite manufacturers unveiling of prototypes in the next few years. A F/C vehicle that costs as much an E Class is not a solution. Furthermore, The horsepower limitations make fuel cells impractical for the millions of diesel trucks used to get everything everywhere in the country. The scientific community has always envisioned hydrogen as the logical progression. Hydrogen engines have been around for years and the technology is proven. So, why aren't we producing the vehicles? Two reasons. The source of hydrogen is water, and it takes energy to produce the hydrogen. Big deal right? Build some more power plants and get started. Oops. That's right, we don't build new power plants here anymore. Neither party will push for increased production of energy. Why? To get off burning oil, we have to invest in something else. Why the foot dragging? I'm not going to answer my own question. I leave that to you to fill in the blanks.
The second reason is lack of infrastructure to distribute hydrogen or any other alternative fuel. When the nation highway system was constructed in the early 50's, equal consideration was given to the distribution network and the Federal Government was quite helpful to private industry in building it.
Today, where are the debates by Congress on this subject much less actual Bills being introduced to get the ball rolling?
This one I will answer. The looming energy crisis is simply too juicy an issue with which each party can beat up on the other.
Gas prices are just starting to adapt to the new reality. They will go much higher. Rome burns and Caesar fiddles.

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