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DavePat (Fearless Blue)

Saturday, May 24, 2008 - 03:52 pm Click here to edit this post
One of the best illistrations of the manipulation by the socialists - left and right - I think is contained in what happened to RM Nixon.

See Nixon had this plan in his second term to enable anyone qualified to attend college for free. His plan would have taken 30 years to impliment fully, but the secret was in trust funds. At this time Harvard, Princeton, Yale all the major private colleges had trust funds sufficient to allow people to attend for free. Although at the time none did in order to maintain their elite status. To this day not one of the top 50 private schools in this country need actually charge a dime and they would still make a mint not doing so, just some of the pet projects would have to be rethought! In any case Nixon saw this as a solution and developed a rather detailed plan to present to accomplish the same thing. Of course there were a lot of things in this plan that wrankled to new socialist left that was gaining control of the college campus'. Not least among them was to put an end to professors writting books then requiring those books be purchased by students for their courses. Of course we know what happened to Mr Nixon. Most of his troubles were of his own making so I am not proposing that this and a half dozen other things he wanted to do domestically which were just as radical are the reasons why both the dems and the reps decided he had to go. It is however interesting that once this and other details like ending welfare and creating the means for people on welfare to get off it and the education and training they needed to get good paying jobs were announced -- the Viet Nam war started tobecome Nixon's war. yelling this the loudest were of course college professors to their students. What is so surprising is that just a few years before those same professors were having their students yell (HEY HEY LBJ How many babies did you kill today?) ... suddently the man who declared he would pull us out of Viet Nam and by the time of the 72 election had nearly accomplished that and would before he left office, found that the war in Viet Nam was all his fault! To this day you will find this taught on college and high school campus' across the land. For some odd reason LBJs role in all that is minimized. Hmmm, anyway food for thought.

So what happened to all these plans of Nixon's which would have created more self responsibility, eduction, and hope for a good future but would have unravelled LBJs great society and FDRs new deal? All were quietly forgotten by both dems and reps.

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