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DavePat (Fearless Blue)

Saturday, May 24, 2008 - 03:39 pm Click here to edit this post
Several issues here; 1) Slippery slope - the fact that Oregon felt compelled to actually pass a law and make it complicated. Maybe you didnt understand the differance between rule of justice and rule of law. The law specifies who may comit suicide and requires that others be involved in the process to ensure that they qualify. Let's understand this it does not permit suicide in any case or situation, but only those inwhich "and has been determined by the attending physician and consulting physician to be suffering from a terminal disease". Even then the person is not home free, means of suicide are limited. It would be interesting to see someone shoot themselves rather than take the medication the doctor is to obtain for them, how a probate court would rule. In any case the state is involved in the decission process. All it takes is one government administrator someplace in the chain to feel not all the i's have been crossed and the t's dotted and the person may feel themslves having to start all over again. Also the doctors who have taken an oath to do no harm have a conflict (in most cases) with all this to beging with. The slipper slope here is simple - as suicides take place and are denied the courts will again get involved, they may well strike out parts of this, they may well create more regulation, they may or may not expand definitions, all sorts of things. Then of course there is the federal laws that may come as a result of this, some of which already exist. This gets way complicated, hey just like the assisted suicide law they wrote gets complicate.

Rick spent a lot of time and effort defining the left and right of socialism above. The left and right do actually exist as political definitions, they are just misapplied. Once a person though understands where the terms came from and how they are defined then seeing the spectrums from right to left in any political model becomes clearer for the individual to understand.

The French Revolution was well underway. The revolutionaries came from all sides of the poitical spectrum. On the extreme right were the anarchists, those that believed in no gorvernment at all to the extreme left were those that saw government as the answer to everything and laws to regulate every aspect of a persons life. Between the two sat those who to lesser degrees believed in the concepts of that side, till they came to the middle in which the half and halfs existed. The french assembly actually divided itself in this manner, the anarchists on the right and the absolute socialists on the left. hence the terms left and right. However the people to the right of center had no real power since they felt each person should be allowed to go their own way and to tell with laws, to varrying degrees of course. What happened was most those on the right either did not attend the assembly thinking it a waste of time or tended to vote in the minority, normally no on any issue, being defeated by those on the left. Eventually the powers to be on the left decided to just start ridding themselves of these people on the right, and it proved to be rather simple to arrest and execute the leaders. Eventuall and to make a long story short the right of the assembly was eliminated, directly or indirectly and their seats were taken over by those on the right of left. Of course the concepts and ideals did not change they were still socialists, just not as big of ones as the ones way out there. One of the first things Napolean did upon assuming dictorial powers was to do to the extreme left what they had done to the right. He kept those left of center becuase they played ball with him, having of course put him into power to beging with. Now this is a brief history of the terms left and right - today more than ever the terms are merely describing a single point of view although to varrying degrees as we see in most political structures around the world.

Of course we are not the same thats the point. So why do we insist on electing people that put us into catagories and groups then pass messures that only one size can fit?


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