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DavePat (Fearless Blue)

Saturday, May 24, 2008 - 01:39 am Click here to edit this post
Sheesh didnt realize I was writting a paper this long.

But we need to continue:

Lets examine a situation from real world as the above two concepts are applied. Euthenasia is as good as it gets.

Ok lets sum this up with an example - Oregon's Euthenasia law. Why was such a law needed in the first place? If an individual wants to die should they not be allowed to kill themselves? Under the law no, a crime will have been comitted by that person and any person assisting them. Why should this be outlawed? Because I dont want grandpa to kill himself I love him and want him to stick around I dont care how much pain he is in because I dont feel it and can have no clue or idea at all. Or any other of a host of reasons - maybe the person isnt sane. The point is it is my will being imposed on another. Insurance companies dont like the idea of people being able to take their own lives - so include suicide clauses which are then backed up by the law so they dont have to pay out (There are a lot of exceptions to this but since my point here is not to discuss the specific eliment of insurance and suidice I am not going to point them out - generally insurance companies can escape payment if a person suicides). Then there is your will and probate - killing ones self can negate your will and allow others to decide for you often against your wishes which in turn makes people expert in this a lot of money (no the anti suicide laws were not passed to "protect" the poor). So loved ones dont want you to die, there is lots of money at stake that others can grab if your action is illegal, and finally the argument is the state may impose itself forcing people to terminate who do not wish to. This last one escapes me but it is used as a reason.

In the nation of laws euthenasia is illegal and hence anyone involved is subject to the letter of the law. In a nation of justice each case would be examined under its own merits to see if the will of the individual was exercised and if so no crime would have been comitted. You need not a law against or for euthenasia at all. You merely have to apply common sense. But the latter as pointed out requires a certain level of understanding beyond most of the mob that runs the government and administers the law. Hence Oregon's slippery slope law!

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