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DavePat (Fearless Blue)

Saturday, May 24, 2008 - 01:33 am Click here to edit this post
So much over the past couple of days here. Woderful actually. Even the Coen attempt to trivialize was interesting.

First off States rights are a fanatsy. As is federal rights. No government at any level has any rights. Government has power, and decides to exercise that power or not and to what degree. We mostly go along with the exercising of that power. We grant authority to government to do what? Herein is the problem with socialism. Either left or right socialism makes no differance, the idea is the same. Government will regulate your activities and in effect tell you what to do, making your life better.

Government exercises that power by the authority of law. It then enforces that law imposing its will upon others. Whether the law is right or wrong by popular observance has nothing to do with it, afterall we are a nation of laws (that statement alone should just scare the crapola out of people but for some reason doesnt). Once upon a time a great Justice once asked "Are we to be a nation of justice or a nation of laws?" Of course it was a different answer then but this argument and debate has been running since Oliver Holmes.

In a nation of laws adherance to the set of written rules overrides everything. The individual is catogorized into a group that one solution will fit in all cases. There is not give and take, no compromise, the administrative rules will be applied and if need be ruthlessly. We see this historically in both left and right socialism. The Soviet Gulag system and the Nazi Concentration camp system were the end to these means as one example. Pick a country today and the prison systems are the same. They exist to accomplish a couple of main functions. Beyond the actual criminal you have political prisoners. people held captive for political crimes rather than actual crimes because the rule of law is enforced and there is no give and take, no ability to operate outside and say this is not just, instead we say its the law. Gulags, concentration camps, prisons - no differance under the rule of law just calling the horse something different. Essentially we are attracted to this form because the larger group is comfortable in it.

A nation of justice sees the individual and works for the individual. It ensures that justice is applied for the workers of such a government understand that each situation is different and that thought and understanding must be applied for the good of first the individual and second the good of the group. This requires doing more than what the book says to do. It requires the ability to reason using common sense beyond the boundries of the administrative text. It requires creativity and review. It requires a form of eduction that is lacking and an ability to comprhend based on historical experiences way beyond our current education system to teach and train. When rule of justice is applied it is more difficult to have and to use political laws to keep opposition quiet, but then in such a system opposition is not as intence nor as radical, because laws which restrict the individual are fewer and applied with the idea that one size does not fit all.

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