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What is Simcountry?

Simcountry wishlist. (for improvements and bugs) (Golden Rainbow)

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Emperor Duble'tar (Fearless Blue)

Thursday, December 02, 2004 - 11:09 pm Click here to edit this post
Hi all, This is just a few suggestions I have here, I havent had time to read alot of these (some may be repeated forgive me for that).

1. Merger Corporations

I really like the public corporations, it allows me to manage my corp very well, without having the fear that it'll all of a sudden close down on me. So because of that I thought of the "Merger" type of Corp.

It works like this:
Two services corps are there. After seeing that they are public corps the player sees their worth and decides to merge those corps. He clicks the "Merge with another corp" option in the first services corp page. Then he clicks a scroll list of all the corps able to merge. He clicks services 2. After clicking it (highlighted now in the scroll bar) he clicks "Merge". The merge will take 1 game month. The CPU then evaluates the corps. Which is the biggest? that corps will provide the name (so name wont be a problem). The Upgrade of the corp is determined by the difference between two corps. For example, lets say services 1 had 200 upgrade/eff while services 2 had 250 upgr/effe. The cpu determines the upgrade of the new merged corp to be 225 (meeting ground between 00 and 50 is 25). The merged corp also uses the full amount of workers form services one (which was the largest) and uses only 1/3 of the workers from corp 2(smallest of the two). Therefore the workforce is 100%+33%=133% of regular corp. The income or putout of this corp will be:

serv1 output+ serv2 output- 1/3 of services 2 output.

Therefore output would be 100% of each corp minus 1/3 of smallest corp of the two.

The corp would have more money earned and higher output with less employement needed allowing the country to expand its market/military/or use the people for some other reason.
end of Merger Corp

2. Tourist Attraction
This is similar to the migration thing but without permanant moves. See, lets say the w3 staff gives the option to "create tourists attraction" under business and trade, or itsown section. Inside would say, "Create". This would allow a person to invest his own countries money into an investment slot. The country then (automatically) takes that money to build Attraction number1 (player will name it). The options of the attraction should be:

A theme park
Vacation area
(whatever else)

Lets say the player chose theme park. Then he waits three months while the CPU builds the themepark. He invests 300 Billion. The CPU displays a tiny image (of the staff's choosing) to appear next to the name (according to the type of attraction it is). The player sees a table that says

cost of theme park maintenance... 30 Billion$
Countries opened to.............(scroll w/names)
Quality of park:0-100
People visited the Park in country this month (100,000)
People visited the park from foreign land this month (1 MIL) supposing that 10 countries are opened to it.
Money earned from the park:
Price to enter Park: (player sets it and w3 limits it)

The amount of people who visit the park depends on the price (if cheap more people will come), countries opened to it ( salary levels and population are a determining factor), and Quality. The money earned for the park is obviously from the price of the entrance (to be determined by w3).

Money can always be invested in it. This would provide additional income for the country.

End for Attraction

National Holiday

This is for each and every individual country. Lets say there is an option that says "Creat Holiday". In this Holiday option there is a few unhighlighted reasons in a scroll.

Examples and effects
1.Present day -During this month people begin to buy 3x's their usual amount purchasing, which climaxes in the middle of the month and lowers after the middle of the month, until it reaches it's normal levels.
2.Memorial Day- this is a day that inspires people to join the army, and more people are born as a result of the "goodbye sex". The family rates increase to climax in the middle of the month as usual.
(more days to be added and determined by staff of w3).

The effectiveness of each holiday will come from an option called "Promotions". Promotions is the amount of money this month is advertised. The player sets the amount his country can use for promotions of the day. The more he promotes, the more of an impact the day has on the people. Further details are to be added on to and inspected by the staff of


Thats all for now. What do you think about it?

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