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Matt Crouch (Fearless Blue)

Thursday, November 18, 2004 - 10:38 pm Click here to edit this post
The Avalonian Secretary of state sends their offical greetings to the Fools' empire, and expresses their hope that the UF people will reclaim their ancient homeland.

The Secretary also would like to say that " fool scientists are baffled" is his favorite quote of the day and it cheered him up immensely to read it :)

IN other news, The highly prixed cache of prawn crackers in the Former Crimson State (now renamed dagor dagorath) has been stolen. Imported Karmanti security experts engaged in a pitched battle with a group of highly trained and well-equipped thieves, but lost in the end despite the liberal use of Advanced Roshamboing.
The Thieves are alleged to have come from the Evil Empire of Nimzowich, their weapons and ID being of nimzowichian Make.

An ivory chesspiece- a bishop, in fact-wasleft in the lockbox which held the invaluable prawns.

"Unfortunately for us, Our standard battle tactics were less than successful, and we were outnumbered 4 to 1 to boot", one karmanti soldier reported, "The Nimzowichian troops lacked any visible genitalia. How this could be true is uncertain. One possibility is that it is simply a matter of size...."

The Neo-Avalonian Deparment of Homeland defense also publically welcomes the son of the late DM empire, and is alleged to be arranging for some sort of power transfer involving the rebellious citizens of "we are the dead" and the newly rising DM state.

Finally, there has been some ort of breakthrough in the excavation of The ancient Abyssal territory. Advanced old-avalonian technology has been found, including nearly an entire battalion of cryogenically preserved Praetorians, buried in a preservatino capsule beneath the ruins of an ancient fortress. Although the technology toproduce these genetically modified troops no longer exists, they have already joined the empire and are said to have been involved in the recent massive expansion.
What effect this will have on coming and present tensions, conflicts, and wars is unknown.

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