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Simcountry is an Online Digital World where you are the President of a country.
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What is Simcountry?

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Matt Crouch (Fearless Blue)

Tuesday, November 16, 2004 - 06:45 pm Click here to edit this post
Enchiridion, Crimson State, intermim Governors statement at his ascension, World News Netork press release


It seems that after a long, long lull of peace and relative prosperity, things ahe taken a turn for the dark on fearless once again.

A fearome, deadly foe has once again arisen to oppress and control the weak and innocent. They are strong, they are intelligent, and they are utterly ruthless. They strike at the worst-or best- of times, moving against a world which has forgotten nearly all of what it once knew in the wake of devastating epidemeics which have wiped out 75% of the world population, the ensuing chaos, and the worldwide computer revolt of 2145, in which nearly all old electronic and written records were destroyed.

Our war torn land has recently managed to thow off the yolk of our murderous dictator and have become the newest state in the Quartenary Avalonian Empire. As it has done so long ago, and so many times in the past, the Children of Avalon have vowed to fight against tyranny, and from the hallowed halls of the Imperial palace a great cry can be heard: "

To me, free peoples of the world! to me, those who would not be the slave or worthless lapdog of tyrants who name themselves 'Knights!' Join us in our crusade! Aid us in defending the innocent, the weak, the helpless! If you would not be slaves, the stand up and prepare to defend yourselves!"

The Emperor, newly ascended to the throne after sucessfully translating an ancient tome which revealed his kinship to the original avalonian empire, has extended this call to the presidents of other worlds as well.

Rumors abound that other archaelogical efforts continue in "when you look into the abyss", once the seat of a mighty empire on fearless which had close ties to the original Avalonians. Ancient wisdom and mighty treasures are said to be buried beneath its shifting sands; some speculate that many secrets have already been uncovered...

The Citizens of the Crimson state (at least until a new name is chosen, befitting the people) hope that we can become an important part of this resistance.
We welcome our new allies the karmanti, the citizens of new tamara, the pink soldiers of nelson, and the brave people of Union and Lumber.

We would also like to announce that Roshamboing is a criminal offense in our country. All envoys in the embassy of the Karmanti are asked to please refrain from wearing steel-toed footwear in the interest of peace and understanding. Our Ambassadors will, of course, be expected to follow all of the customs of the Karmanti when on their soil.

In an unrelated note, an ancient cache of prawn crackers was discovered in the northern province of the country, with an estimated value of $112 million dolleuros to collectors. Citizens of this landlocked nation are said to be buying boats from sheer joy at the news.

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