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Simcountry is an Online Digital World where you are the President of a country.
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Bad Karma (White Giant)

Sunday, November 14, 2004 - 07:59 pm Click here to edit this post
I would have to disagree that CEOs are vital and that the economy would collapse without them. The *moved* peacefuls and CEOs would still exist on whatever world they were on, just reverted back to C3/automation. Somewhat how transfers to GR work. Being how most use CEOs for protection from other CEOs, stockpiling weapons, economic warfare, or supplying dirt cheap products to countries/corps their lose would be irrelevant. CEO is more or less a legal way to multi IMHO with the bonus you can bid on opponents corps. So losing them wouldnt be at all disasterous, if anything it would remove a headache of the game.

I have seen too many people create CEOs just to bid on someone's corps because they can, close the corp, rinse and repeat (some even multi and do it). Once the CEO cant buy anymore, dereg, start another, continue on. Then there is the economic warfare where 2 countries/feds go to war. All the CEOs drop in buy all the corps and close them or move them. Thats pretty gay if you ask me. I would be perfectly content however if active presidents were protected from CEOs in general. Keep the 24 National Corps to keep certain corps from going public, but all corps are protected from outside bids UNLESS you give a approval, much like moving or building a corp. Then you could still bid on inactive presidents as the bid would go threw after 4 monthes.

Anyways... Back to the extortion thing. Your right that most on the Free Worlds dont pay to play and it would be mostly used on the GR. I pointed that out earlier in this thread as well. I dont foresee extortion to actually work on the free worlds, as few have the GCs to give anyway. It could however drive off what few new players go to GR however. What I do see on the Free Worlds is Warlords going after whomever they can (primarily noobs) just to get whatever sellable commodities they might have. Acouple good corps, a good stack of cash, or a highly ranked country will keep said Warlord going for another month. That isnt neccessarily not having a backbone, but instead survival of the fitest. (I disagree with targeting noobs but my opinion isnt everyones)

I think it would be even more intrigueing that if you completely conquered a person's account (all countries/slaves) then you got whatever GCs they might have. That would add a whole different dimension to politics, country building, and player interaction.

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