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Saturday, November 13, 2004 - 09:40 pm Click here to edit this post
if there is going to be 'farming' like in other games, the extent it is used will depend on the rate at which W3C sets the gc/asset exchange rate. if it's too low, those stupendously rich GR players get free play for a helluva long time. i doubt though that people will let themselves be forced to give gc's away- you'd have to take assets from them by force and exchange them.

one aspect of gameplay it will affect is the attitude of warrior players about economist players. bk has already stated the problem, and it will ultimately drive economist players to go peaceful, or force them to become warriors to defend those assets. the dynamic this adds to the game is much more realistic, since limited cash transfer rates (totally unneccessary imo) mean that you can't really use that cash to help your other countries. now it'll be possible to strip-mine a rich country, making high assets seem much more desirable and give a tangible benefit to aggression.

no big problem in my opinion, as economists should have their own pacifistic world. and if someone tries to take my assets (not much, i admit), i welcome it, as i'll happily take any opportunity for war that i can get.

adding enough incentives to make people greedy always makes things interesting. :)

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