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Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  UNFAIR COINS WARS (Kebir Blue)

Diordica Bogdan Anton (Kebir Blue)

Saturday, November 13, 2004 - 04:51 pm Click here to edit this post
1.You first get the target in your lenses ...

Dear friend, virtual 30 gold coins may bring a larger traffic of messages between our players ... meanwhile our message boxes are still ruined after ten days, erased and you won't know later if someone tried to contact you ... while in my imagination I could have a mail box able to retain messages sorted by priority settings that I fixed before (handled by myself!) for a longer time (say a month).
These means that the change of Gold Credits into Gold Coins was not supposed to grow on friendship relations between simcountry players.
Then if not peace and friendship relations were intended to be more prominent, what? What can gain importance after this change? WAR. Or just Peace without any player relations interferings?
[["Perhaps the admin will watch the players so that no unfair wars between them to inflict their countries too much and the perspectives of bright minded guys to play this game will not be ruined after an offline war." NO, IT'S NOT TRUE ... the admin does not show that has time to read what happens in our games and has not much time to read our forum too ... a very short forum indeed!
Once I saw a forum opened for games creators and addictes of some games in development ... it had more than one hundred thousands of entries at just one of the forums section and I swear the admins and moderators were pretty active there.]]

2.You still smile ... the target will explode and the enemy will run out of time to react.

Wars will take out countries with good players while not being online because the players did not accepted to trade gold coins with the enemy or because players gained the gold coins few days ago and didn't logged in since it.

3.The enemy was ... me!

But the players who knew about me and my federation => Organised to protect players, Threatening the potential enemies of our international laws, or Helping the players to recover faster so that they can hit back the enemy or in some cases even Destroying the mad countries, federations or empires who break rules)
=> well, these players who knew about me and my federation could save much of the bright side of simcountry.
In our master opinion that masterminds your thoughts about us: the bright players with a great significance into our forum discussions, even when as presidents are just starters, but when they managed to get already 30 or more gold coins, these players might be protected to continue and play for more ... [[And that is what I am trying here]]

4.Not only me ... but my allies too. And my most trusted ally was my imagination with the best mathematical chance to point out your frustration.
Here you lost your shields cover. Your stupidity was revealed ...

I have the best common market on Kebir Blue ... the admin may confirm it. It will help the players to restore scores of the countries or to begin with new countries (only if needed). I can offer new corporations fully upgraded to the players in need of it after a war or at the beginning with a new country. I can support all kinds of professional transfers. I can hit back anyone (country, federation, empire) who waged wars against players from the gold coins top trying to extort gold coins. At a later time, after some development of our relations I can offer gold coins in exchange for corporations I sold to the country owners, players helped by me.

5.After your shields were down you looked so weak that I decided myself to let some of my allies to hit you back ... cause I had allies ...

For these helpful relations between players of simcountry we need a hot page in the Federations section of the forum dedicated to this kind of activities. The page will atract attention with an impressive title, and will describe the federation intentions, will show the members etc.
We may play other feds, but when we will be needed and asked to we will be like a fed: together!
The federation will not be one of the current feds, we will be in the same fed only on that page of the forum, not on the worlds maps. We must be at least 51% players who "pay to play" as a needed majority and 49% players who play for free. This is needed as an interface with the admin of simcountry. Also is needed to prove fair war decisions against other players who pay to play (if playing unfair toward other players). We must be between 7 and 4 members. Not more and not less. This federation will not involve in gold coins trades, unless if unfair.

6.You were easily defeated ...

But we can still try to contact the admin and tell him that there are many other solutions, such as: Challenge Wars (used also when a player tries to be accepted into a federation, while the defendant is only the chairman of a federation, not protected by the feds members during these challenge wars), Draw Wars (used when players from the gold coins top are not conquering countries owning GC, just taking some gold coins and some score points from the loser, while the loser will be automatically refunded with gold coins according to it's assets or other economic parameters), Army Forces (defensive and offensive) managed by defensive and offensive Tasks settings, not by defensive and offensive types with built-in parameters (usual wrong situations: Interceptors are attacking Offensive Anti Air Batts !! while Mid range Batts / Anti Tank Batts with a range of 3200 cannot defend, but only if in range of the target and attack forces !!
Of course the admin was not here ... he and the kids of 5 years are not able to read a page of a book, it's only you I can trust ...
Nimz, RyanB, CSA, Homicide Machine. See you in progress!

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