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Backgrounds of the Knights (Fearless Blue)

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Sheik Yerbootie (Fearless Blue)

Tuesday, November 09, 2004 - 08:07 pm Click here to edit this post
from SOS:

OK I really don't want to type up my whole HX (HISTORY) so I'll just paste this documentary about the BE that I found in the old archives of the BE folder on my computer. I started the BE after I relocate to FB, due to lack of fed activity in another fed called Great Britain on I believe it was KB. And the rest of my HX is so closely in twined with the HX of the BE I thought I'd just post that up instead be careful it's a long read. I typed this up on one of my insomniac nights. It's actually more of a story that I created to tell about my HX.

BTW for those of you who don?t Know yet I go by SOS, Sanitarium of Scotland but I used to be " Sir Emanuel III" ,of Imperial New York (now it's listed as "legend of Imperial New York")

The History of the British Empire federation : The untold story.

.......Upon relocating to the free world of Fearless Blue , Sir Emanuel III gained a reputation as a local mayor in a small city of Suceava in the country of York. Through a few nearly miraculous turn of events was elected first as one of two senators of the state which was over shadowed by his uprising nomination and then election as the president of the Country of York. The popular socialist party was voted out by Sir Emanuel's promise's of Solidifying the disband continent of Lynx Minor. Another of his now famous promises was the formation and development of a federation whose reputation and federal dynamics would put not only the country of York but the whole continent of Lynx Minor in the forefront of all global issues as an emerging Superpower.

(The formation of the British empire was based on the intense research and analysis of the actual British army's military structure and the American governing systems.)
Here forth is the beginning of the British Empire?s administrating body. "The House Of Lords". The House Of Lords consisted of the following members : Chairman-Sir Emanuel III of Imperial York. First Lord of Interior/Exterior- Sir Thomas gunnerd of Imperial Andor. First Lord of Commerce- Sir Johnny Dep of Imperial Fantasia (AKA ATTICA). The position of the First Lord of the Military had yet to be filled since there was no demand for a military department in the earlier stages of the British Empire. And from the now extinct hall of nobility, came a lesser known and newly elected president the son of a small town carpenter who worked his way to the top as a new political figure in the country of Royal Giant- Baron Edward Bangs IV Noble of Commerce . Baron Edward Bangs IV would be instrumental in restoring the British empire back into the hands of the people as Sir Emanuel III had envisioned the federation to be from the beginning. Also from the creation of the British Empire arose a even lesser known citizen who during the short lived dictatorship that was to follow would be appointed by the People of the British Empire to overthrow the dictatorship and lay claim to the official title of the Chairman of the federation. Citizen Joe baker hailing from the country of Canadian colony. Thus far on the banks of the Taylor desert the seed of the British Empire began to flourish into a viable living entity in it's self. Sir Emanuel's Promise and vision of the Federation had become a reality.

In the months to follow the sphere of influence of the British Empire had expanded, and with the admission of Scotland and Clan Ryu all but the Menlo North region of the continent of Lynx Minor was under the control of the British Empire.
Despite the general prosperity and expansion of the federation turmoil lurked just around the corner. The cascade of events started when disaster struck in the household of Sir Emanuel III. Due to this situational crisis the chairman felt that is was in the best interest of the federation to resign from the post of chairman since the tragedy had taken a toll on available time the Chairman had to dedicate to the Federation as it's chairman. Upon his resignation Sir Emanuel recommended the appointment of two members of the federation to act as Co-chairmen of the federation. The resigning Chairman suggested this as a testing phase for the two most qualified members of the British Empire. It was sir Emanuel's Initial plan to call for an official vote between the two Co-Chairmen following the Third real week in office this way the fed could have time to decide which of the two appointees was most qualified to fill the single seat of the Chairman. The two appointed Co-Chairmen where Sir Johnny Dep of Imperial Fantasia and Baron Edward Bangs IV Noble of Commerce.
Under the Chair of both Sir Johnny Dep and Baron Edward Bangs Now turned Sir Edward Bangs IV the Federation continued to grow with the addition of Vulcanis , Byss( AKA CZA) and Rotherfield. The Arm of the British Empire Federation seemed to extend the whole of the Continent of Lynx Minor . And with Imperial Fantasia and the Archer throne in Menlo North The survival and domination of the Federation seemed Inevitable. However the Cascade of events had set up a path to chip away at the very bases of the Federation.

"Assassination In The Presidents House Of Imperial Andor. " was the front page story of every news paper in the British Empire Federation the following month . President Gunnersd Had been presumed assassinated by the scene left behind at his presidential Palace. Blood stained sheets sat in a garbled bunch in the floor of the bedroom as if some one tried to use them to protect him self from his attacker . A trial of Dark blood invited you to chase along the long corridor to and open bay window and come face to face with a puddle of blood in the middle of the marble balcony. And then ......there was nothing. Federal Investigators later concluded that the assasination of the president was not left as a simple as a complex assasination plot. No this plot was determined to make sure that the body of President Gunnersd was never found. Reports form that night place a low flying unidentified Black helicopter with only the last letters noticeable in the glare of the moon light in the skies around the presidential palace that night. The three letters on the side of the helicopter were "AIN" in red lettering. To Date the file still remains unresolved a cold case with no apparent clues left behind. The dark cloud of turmoil had set up camp above the British Empire.
Computer chips
Next on the list of this cascade was the country Imperial Giant . A convict from the high security prison of MTI were all of the worlds leading Computer/Cyber Criminals were sentenced to spend the rest of there lives. The convict's name was tsung Mao AKA "The RazoR". After masterminding a brilliant escape from MTI The RazoR sent out to repay the country who were instrumental in his initial capture. Unleasing the most ravaging communications virus known to man in the center of the Capitol of Imperial Giant. " Country in total grid lock", " All Imperial Giant flights canceled" were the main head lines the following morning.
Mean while Back in the devastating house of The former chairman and Founder of The Federation . A plot to over throw the democratic party of the people had been laid to play by the uprising socialist party of York. Following a short and bloody military uprising the president Sir Emanuel III was forced to abdicate the office of president and seek refuge in the country of fashion capitol which was under control of the Democratic party of the people. With the departure of there beloved president and a new government of socialist greed and warmongers calling them selves the C3 party, the people started to riot in protest. Many thousands choose instead to leave the riot struck cities of Imperial York and relocated to the now popular economic center of Fashion Capitol. The following year Sir Emanuel was elected as the president of Fashion Capitol. The presidents first initiative was to place in an open ballot the renaming of the country to New York, since the population now numbered 2 Yorkeans for every 1 Fashion Capitolist. The measure was passed by an unheard margin of 97% the remaining 3% relocated to the neighboring country of Graceland .
Rise of a dictator
Upon the presidents return into the British Empire Federation he was taken aback at what he saw.
Sir Johnny Dep had proclaimed himself the Official Chairman in the communicational absence of his counter part and Co-Chairman Imperial Giant. And with the death of Imperial Andor's President Sir Matthew Gunnersd There was no opposition to Sir Johnny Dep's Claim. The Newly self appointed Chairman's defense was in the physical absence of Sir Emanuel III who had been abdicated from his original country and with the communicational situation in Imperial Giant, he had no choice but too cease the moment out of consideration for the preservation of the Federation.
Fall of a dictatorship
Following a brief all state political tour in which Sir Emanuel III gathered information regarding the un-satisfaction of the general populace and a 75% verbal plea to Challenge the incumbent Chairman Imperial Fantasia in an election, Sir Emanuel asked for a public Meeting with the Incumbent Chairman. The former Chairman asked for a rules Change in regards to the eviction of a member of the Federation. The change required the Federation to first be aware the another country was going to ask for a vote to evict and that the accused would have time to justify his actions prior to a start vote of eviction. Sir Johnny Dep's Anger and fear of opposition to his Claim to the Chair fumigated the room and right there before the live television audience that was fed Via the universal satellite dubbed "MassEmailFed" to all nations in the federations. There publicly Sir Johnny Dep?s response Clearly showed his motives of claiming the Chair position. "I am the one truly founder of this federation" are the now infamous words that helped bring down the dictatorship of Imperial fantasia. The following morning newspaper headlines read " Founder ship Claimed by the incumbent 3rd chairman of the federation" and "Founder's request denied Live". At the request of the now communicational situated Imperial Giant and the support of the populace Sir Emanuel III declared an opposition to this false democratic claim to power of Imperial fantasia's president Sir Johnny Dep. And the votes where cast with 80% in favor of the re-election of Imperial New.

Ok I'm getting very tired right about now so I'll just shorten this up and say I grew to a 3 country empire after CC had been declared the Chairman and I became the First lord of Internal affairs. In about two months (rl) hostilities grew between the BE and TKWSK federations and a war was declared, after a BE issued an ultimatum that we knew TKWSK would not sign in order that we might have a war . But due to the 100 month rule we gave up and quit. I have returned now (and as CZA might agree enjoy running my country and contributing a bit to the fed with out actually full time governing of the fed cause it takes too much time) and I enjoy playing aprox. 5X a week. Thanks for your time gentlemen hope you enjoyed the story. Perhaps I would have time to write a narrative story about TKWSK along the same lines as the above story.

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