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Backgrounds of the Knights (Fearless Blue)

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Sheik Yerbootie (Fearless Blue)

Tuesday, November 09, 2004 - 07:59 pm Click here to edit this post
from Apocalypse (hope you don't mind Rob)

Ok time to post my profile. Im Rob Kennedy from Australia and
I started playing in kb over a year ago with my country Socialist State of Vegemite Valley. I had just manage to start understanding the game when there was a major breakdown in communications between my fed and Faith which led to about 3 months (rl) of conflict.
During the war my fed THE SYTH captured HR the fair way (cut through about 120k dh). Faith reacted by making one of our major fed mates betray us then attacked with 180k oaab from 3 countries and 60k fighter planes, the syth survived and lost alot of DH. the syth was in the middle of a huge build up when on the eve of the planned attack the weapons limits were implemented. Out of frustration we continued the war with nuke batts only and went on to capture 4, 100 tril countries before the war rules were changed again, with the new war rules the strat bombers were now the most powerful weapon. The war ended because the resets. At the time I was also playing on gr with a different name, I was found out and almost the whole Gr attacked me using an invincible war bug to capture my 7 country empire(after that again the war rules changed making it harder to capture a country). I went on to join The Army of 12 Monkey's and was part of the 2 Gr wars Eskon wrote about. After Avalon and Eskon left Gr I left the 12M for several reasons but to long to explain. Im still playing Gr and recently put my 17mil army empire up against the 90mil man army of faith and kodiak, I was creating havoc but I was also taking alot of damage due to the war system so I called a truce and negotiated the takeover of 2, 200tril countries. That’s most of my war career in the game so far. Financially I can build strong countries, my KB country was reset on Jan 17 and I won the first prize award for February with almost 1600points. I also have a WG country making about 200bil a month with a finance index of 430 which might win the first place award this month. I would like to see new players become powerful and will share anything I know about the game with the fed and other allies. I am not afraid to lose my countries in a war regardless of the reason for the war.

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