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Backgrounds of the Knights (Fearless Blue)

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Sheik Yerbootie (Fearless Blue)

Tuesday, November 09, 2004 - 07:54 pm Click here to edit this post
The Great Eskon: (sorry, I have a high regard for this player)

i guess its my turn...lets see what I can remember.I tend to babble so this could get long.

I regged my fist country a little over a year ago on WG. At the time I didnt play that much but was learning at an ok speed. the fed i joined there started a war an highly encoureaged my to get involved(the war was in my area) At the time I had no concept of the war system, and nobody in the fed knew either(classic noob fed) Once the war started I had built the largest army in the fed.While talking to the other fed members We decided to all attack at the same time and were all online to do so.once I started attacking the rest of the fed did nothing, I continued...they still did nothing. I lost all my weapons and logged off(after leaving a nasty message in game) I logged in the next day to find that most of the fed had offered peace as soon as the war soon as the war ended I deregged my country on WG and moved to FB, vowing never to rely on other people to fight a war.

My Move to FB

I found a nice country in fb on the continent of antilla major, seemed to be a nice quiet area to learn the game(It didnt stay quiet for long) On the contienent were a few of the best players in the game at the time. Axis Mundi, Turan and HR had a country there.Also UFC div 1 and 2 had many countries there.(who were just at the point of not getteng along).

As I started to get a feel for the game(and the countries around me) I started playing with the war system, taking a few c3's, and growing my millitary.(at this point I was still very much a noob...but was learning very fast)

Once i had a few countries under my belt I joined the UFC div 1, for the purpose of increasing my defences so I could fight larger countries. I started hitting High value countries(any country with a high pop or high assets) and got to 10 countries in about 2 months. At this point I had a very good grasp of the war system(still not a master) and was eyeballing the TURAN fed.The Turan fed was mostly made of 1 player that had 8 countries all in the top 50(at the time top 50 was almost impossible to achive as a noob, pre resets) He also had the largest single army (for one player) on FB at the time (somewhere in the range of 10m troops) now as I was looking at his def and trying to form a plan to attack, axis mundi had started messaging me(cus I took a country on the border of one of his countries) and he mentioned to me that he wanted to take the turan fed as well. as war planning started I formulated a plan which involved taking multible c3's around the turan empire and hitting his entire empire at once(so as not to give him time to think)the pre war planning and exicution took about 3rl weeks to do and 2 days before we were supposed to declare W3 implimented the war limits.(this was not good) At first they were set at 3000 per attack(good luck taking any country with that)But quickly moved it up to 10K after a day or 2.

The war started on time, with me,Axis and 1 other player attacking continously for a couple of days with very limited results.Axis had decided to call off the war(due to the fact he had to leave for 2 weeks) I was not so willing to just give up.This is when I discovered more advanced war tactics. By myself I took out 2 of his countries and more than 40% of his fed defences.I eventually took out the entire empire (took about 2 weeks) and now had one of the largest empires on FB..(but I wasnt done yet) Now that I had taken the largest player i wanted the best (Avalon) He was one continent away (approx 7 jumps) so i started moving.

Once I hit his continent He announced the formation of The Army of the 12 Monkeys, and started sending his invites out. (I was not one of them) By not getting an invite I knew I was now a target and thus prepared, and continued moving twards his empire(now only 3 jumps away)Then I left him(and the world a little mesage on the BB stating (I'm paraphrasing) that I was not affraid of his super fed and was comming after him.(the actual message was a little more poetic )I recieved my invite the next day...and after contemplating I decided that the monkey plan for GR would be a much better war than what I was planning, and accepted the invite.

I eventually became the second largest empire in FB(due to the fact that I did not take out avalon)and moved to GR before resets.

Starting the GR wars

Once I became a Monkey, the planning for GR was intence.The logistics of moving the most powerfull fed ever formed hosted alot of logistical problems.but almost all planned moves happend.

I actually became very good friends with Avalon and Axis durring the move, and also became one of the key planners in the expected war that was comming. Within a month of moving to GR I had the 4th largest army in the world(GR) with over 20m troops, and had taken out Kenneths empire(olympia no ceo's) who was considered another one of the good players.

As planned, the biggest war on GR started. I was the first to declare, and it was my job to take out the def of 2 of the largest fed/players on gr (this is my specialty). I declared on 10 countries...and soon recieved 86 declarations against me.The world of GR was about to change forever! I think in the first 7 days of the war there were in the region of 900-1000 war declarations total in GR

One of the people that declared on me was Turan(the guy whos empire I took on FB) who had the largest army/navy on GR. He told me he wanted his stuff back. I sank all his fleets and never heard from him again( he didnt get his stuff back )

Once the war started I started pounding on the first fed target and was making good progress, while at the same time, sinking any fleet that entered my kill box.In the first 2 days I had sank over 200 fleets, and destroyed many trillions of dollars worth of enemy weapons while taking no losses from my enemies( and they were trying)

Then phase 2 started the taking of Erehwon.From a country in a remote part of the coninent I started attacking Hymyland(part of the Erehwon fed) to start on the fed defences.I had destroyed the bulk of the def and the fed was getting ready for the invasion assault when Jozi stepped in and implimented the peacfull country option, and allowing any country(weather at war or not) to take the option imediatly if they so desired. All countries that were in land range,and being attacked by me quickly turned....thus stopping the war.

I made one more assault on erehwon b4 I left GR but stopped it due to bugs in the war system(gr seems to get alot of them) and havent been back since.

Some things you need to know about my attitude....I do not like multies(and will destroy them if I find them in range of me) Other than that I am a happy go lucky person.

I dont know how many wars I have fought over the last year(way too many to count)But have taken out many large feds by myself.I am always looking for new stratigies and tactics for war(when I am playing) and can adapt to game changes very fast.I have never lost any war, and the only country I have ever lost to an opponent was a c3 i took on his border(which I expected to lose)To be good at the war part of this game takes alot of planning and knowledge of the weapons and rules, thus alot of reading,testing and note be ready to use your brain, a situation in war can change rapidly and you must be able to adapt.

I hope I didnt bore you all too much with this

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