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Backgrounds of the Knights (Fearless Blue)

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Sheik Yerbootie (Fearless Blue)

Tuesday, November 09, 2004 - 07:44 pm Click here to edit this post

First, In my spare time outside Simcountry, I'm an undergraduate student at Cal State San Bernardino. I have finals next week, and I'm sure Salamat can empathise with that. As I recall, I read on the BB that Salamat is at MIT.

Enough about you. Me time. I really enjoy chess. In fact, I found out about Simcountry through my connections with people who like to play chess. The Vice President of CSUSB's Chess Union was showing me what he was doing, and I soon became addicted to SC. Besides chess, Math and Physics are my majors. I'm working on my BS and I plan to go to Caltech (Sorry, Sal, but it's closer than MIT) to study math in grad school.
I tutor math, study math (and physics--I prefer to have the purer stuff), play chess and SC, and that's about it.

Darn, I used the chess connection to SC as a segue to SC last time, and here, I've already used it

Anyway, back to SC. My first country in SC was in KB, originally called Bloodwastes. I renamed it to Toxic Serenity, and got a CEO account under the name Erbium Inc, after the chemical element. I registerred a country in WG called Celes. I left it as that for a bit, then I changed it to Cecelia. At that time I was planning to name my countries thematically after oldies songs, with Cecelia (pronounced similarly to Celes) being a Simon and Garfunkel song. I posted a couple of times on the WG BB under Cecelia, and soon found that I did not want to portray myself as a Cecelia to the rest of the simworld.

That's when I decided on the chess players of history to be my theme. I changed Cecelia to Nimzovich. Shortly afterward, I went to war for the first time. Warlord Ivans Headquarters declared war on Nimzovich, and I knew less than nothing about how war on SC works.

Nimz saved his country, I'm not going to say how.

Finally, in May last year I got the nerve to come to the scary war world, FB. I don't recall what the original name of the country I came to was. If the BBs in FB hadn't cleared, I could tell you--I know exactly where to look, because I posted something immediately after registerring the country on what was basically a dead topic that was still near the top at the time. I quickly (the welcome e-mail from SC even uses the new name) changed the name to Nimzovich to be consistant with WG.

I believe at some point in this intermission I renamed Toxic Serenity to Toxic Wasteland, and finally to Universal Standard of Imbecilic Culture. It was certainly USoIC before Sept 26, when it was reset. Presently, USoIC is my test country--I test how badly I can wreck a country.

On Sept 16 last year (just under a two weeks before my first KB and WG reset), I conquered my first slave--in WG. I changed it from Vibressa to Fischer. Soon I had a little fun on the WG BB with my two countries. That thread is one of the oldest complete threads surviving. I lost Fischer to resets, and reconquered it about two weeks before my second reset The only reason I'm at war in WG at the present is to conquer Fischer the third time. This time it'll be more like two months before being reset. Other than that, that war is pointless.

Anyway, back to the timeline, around October, I'd guess, I started looking at the TNN chatroom to see what I was missing. I enjoyed reading the random bits from the top contributors, and just before that list was taken down, I got to the bottom of the "by the way, these people also wrote alot" list (again, nothing like Salamat, who was at the top of the list even after over 100 days of not chatting there). On Oct. 3, I won my first war on FB. It was my neighbor C3, the US OF HELLS CHILDREN, which I renamed to Spassky. That country is now my main, but I'll get to that.

Oct 10 I was reset in FB. Soon, Nov 28 to be exact, I was declared on and fought my first "real" war--one with another player without any cheap multi tactics. New QAZY Land conquered me very quickly--only hours after his first attack. I was not well prepared. I was able to build about 200 annoyances (aka forts), and use my Jeep force to considerably lower his war index, but I lost. So I fled to Spassky and vowed to get revenge. Avalon advised me in the TNN chat room to contact Rob Kennedy to take QAZY out. By the time he killed QAZY, QAZY was no longer active.

On December 30 I finally started a CEO in FB, called Nimzovich. Now that CEO has about half of the world's fortification corporations. I got reset in WG on Jan 14 and registered on GR (in the country The Republic of Risjon) the next day. Since I waited too long to transfer Nimzovich as it was before being reset, I transferred Spassky to GR. I renamed my GR country to Nimzovich. I figured I have a good thing going with that name, so I may as well keep it going. Up to the present, GR has only been mildly interesting--just a little more interesting than KB.

I was finally able to carry out the revenge on the countries formerly occupied by QAZY in late February. 2/21 and 2/26 I conquered Crudland (formerly New QAZY Land, now Fischer) and Nimzovich, respectively. On the 4th of this month I conquered Northumberland, renaming it Capablanca. I am currently warring with 3 countries in FB--A, Toxicountry, and The United Colonies of Ogre, closing in on victory against the last. I will probably not change its name, as I will be reset in 5 days. The rest of my countries will be renamed various things just before I reset so I can use their present names for countries I conquer in Eridana.

Wow! That's alot. Sorry about that. I need to work on the Cliff Notes version

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