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In the dead of the Knight (Fearless Blue)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  In the dead of the Knight (Fearless Blue)

Sheik Yerbootie (Fearless Blue)

Monday, November 08, 2004 - 08:12 pm Click here to edit this post
yes, the ranting has always been here.

I remember when spending and war limits were introduced...alot of ranting back then.

I see were your going with this question Athena. we ranted about how the game was going to be destroyed back then, but the game is still here and some/most of us are still playing.

my responce to this addiction and hope. this game in many ways is much better than other online games, I congradulate w3c in that respect. in other ways this game severly lacks when compaired to the same online games.

take games like playtec, earth, prominance, ect. for example. thier economic engines are very simple. all players contribute to the supply of the market and set thier own prices, if they guess too high they don't sell and can't afford to play thier turns. sell too low and they miss out on lots of cash. very simply and easily manipulated. in SC they markets are far more complicated and harder to manipulate with any kind of severe impact on the game.

look at those games war engines. very simple in the fact that you just pick a target and attack with more weapons and gain land to build and grow a larger country. the attacks are not limited (in most cases) but the small the target you attack, the less you gain and you accually are not as effective. attack up and you gain huge. in SC your limited in the size of army you can attack with and there is no incentive besides having another country to play. there is no pretext to war in SC were the other games its a nessesity to attack (these attacks do not kill the target, only take land from them, abusing a target by repeatedly attacking will result in war).

the communities in those games are very driven. compition is high due to the fact that everyone reset (or the round ends) once a month (sometimes longer) so everyone that wants bragging rights must strive to increase thier teams assets and such. here is SC there is no, I mean absolutly no, sence of compition because players reset whenever and the the ranks are soooooo fubar that no one has any idea of how "good" thier country or federation is.

now you enter the noob. maybe you can answer this Athena, what are you doing now? I assume your playing with the economy and trying to figure out how to grow your assets. how much thought have you put to your defence? or even offence? I gather from looking around the world that most noobs give war no thought whatsoever. once they either give up on economy (most quit at that point) and move on to trying out war they find it very confusing with no info in the game docs on how to fight or what weapons are needed or how to use them.

at this point, your average noob has spent several months trying to just figure the game out and get a basic understanding, if they haven't quit already. w3c sees this as growth and figures they are on the right path with thier strategy of game development. they over look the severe game problems and what this game lacks. I would bet my country that none of them have tried playing the games of thier competiters (the games I mentioned above). if they wuold try these games for just one round they might realize that these simple cheap games will draw more players than this game will ever draw.


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