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Do you want a fast world?? (Golden Rainbow)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Do you want a fast world?? (Golden Rainbow)

Ash Shakh Durbatuluk (Fearless Blue)

Friday, October 29, 2004 - 11:01 am Click here to edit this post
New worlds, if any are created, should be much smaller so that processing time will be available for extra feautires or speed if the players want it.

I pretty much fully support hymys position (a rarity) and have said similar things in the past. Real differences between the worlds in excess of the ones that already exist would be great.

If I were to design the servers, my simplest method would be to have 3 free worlds and probably 2 pay worlds (the 2 pay ones would be able to reside on the same server), with one tiny beta-test mini-server to test out new features before they are implemented into the active servers (populated not just by staff but with beta testers as well)

world 1 would be small and restricted to peaveful countries.
world 2 would be middle sized with, possibly lacking player-player war, possibly with war limits, and possibly permitting peaceful countries to exist in it.
world 3 would be large without war limits of any type and banning peaceful countries

pay world 1 would be a version of world 2 above, but smaller, and with enhanced features & no resets
pay world 2 would be a smaller version of the war world above, with enhanced features and no resets

the schism is in the game that has been continued with peaceful countries would at last be fixed

more detail

I like the idea of a peaceful-only world, which would clearly be able to be the fastest and smallest world of all - 1 country per player. W3c could probably make it a 1000 country world and still have plenty of processor power for anything new they want, and make it as fast as the players wanted. Players here would clearly be able to learn the economics, and on the sign-up page, id suggest it as the world for new players. KB would be fine serving that function.

A middle-ground world , with perhaps 3 times as many countries would be my next recommendation if I were designing the servers :) This world would have the same economic rules as existed in the peaceful world, but would permit players to build empires. Player-player wars would be banned, or permitted, depending; and attack and transfer limits of some kind or other could exist, or not, depending. Finding the mix that type of player wanted would be a bit tricky, but definitely doable- id suggest a voting system. Players who had mastered the basics and want to try to build an empire could go to this world and play (without worrying about the really aggressive players who would live in the next server).

A war-focused world would be next of course. It would need to be at least as large as the last server (3000 countries) but probably larger, assuming lots of players. FB is probably the right size for something like this already...if it had 10 times as many active players. On this world the war rules would be as they are for FB, with the exception that there were no attack or transfer limits whatsoever (as it once was!). Players who want to build large empires and fight each other can move here without bothering anyone from the other 2 servers. Indeed players who would or might be interested in war could have safe countries in the other servers and maintain a war country or 3 for fun in the war world.

of course plenty of other changes would be needed as well, but I think further diversifying the servers as above would improve the game almost immeasurably

matt crouch aka avalon

btw hymy id almost forgotten about my war arena, thanks for reminding me. It had 30 spots and 28 filled up in 3 days, id have a hard time finding 30 active decent players nowadays by scanning an entire world. yes, a war arena world would be lovely (it was actually DeMorcans idea before it was mine - I just adopted and expanded it with him until he left) but the above is the bare minimum and asking for more is greedy :) Ive done so much stuff in this game that even ive forgotten most of it...sigh...

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