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Pissed Off - Again !! (Golden Rainbow)

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Homicide Machine (Fearless Blue)

Thursday, October 28, 2004 - 08:03 pm Click here to edit this post
The Dolleuro in SC has nothing whatsoever to do with the value of a dollar or a euro in the real world.

if the dalleuro isn't based in reality then you have to say that the timing of the game isn't based in reality either. take the system of production plants for example, one month to build, 3 months to transport, storage of a building until the factory is what point is that realistic?

@Homicide Machine I can name a bunch of industrial plants that cost a billion Automobile, semiconductor and airplane. I'm a few cost over 3 billion.

no they don't cost that much. to think that an auto plant costs more than a billion is nieve. all a factory is is a steel frame with sheet steel siding. even the largest factories in the world don't cost more than a few million dollars, 100 million would build you the largest building ever concieved. machinery for production only runs a few 100 million at most. add it all up and you still haven't exceeded 1 billion. production plants in SC can even run as high as 5 to 6 billion....realism? I think not.

The cost of storing isn't just putting something on a pallet, it is also regular maintenance for items and buildings. It should also include loss of items due to obsolesence.

regular maintenance for an item that isn't being used? what is there to maintain? building maintenance has nothing to to with "storage" and obsolete has nothing to do with "storage".

back to Ash:

The bottom line is that stockpiling of anything for that amount of time is ridiculous. Vegetables dont last, electronic components are obsolete, and weapons are laughable. Nothing resembling it is realistic; perhaps a few months of storage are reasonable for many products (stone, coal, etc...) but ive always thought that any other reserves were bad for the game.

I agree that 20 years of storage is abusing the storage system (if you can call it a system). fact is 3 months will go by b4 a product is in demand enough to sell, sometimes longer (I have a services corp that had 7 months of unsold product yesterday). if you limit the amount of storage it becomes wastful and just plain bullshit. the market system doesn't work well enough to limit storage.

at tank produced today is the same exact tank produced 20 years from now, so obsolete plays no role in the game. if compaired to reality; a tank build for WW2 is usless to america, but usefull to Iraq or any other third world country. obsolete is all in the eye of the beholder or the depths of ones pocket book. until weapons operate based on quality, obsolete is a word not in the vocabulary of simcountry.

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