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New Market Process - Will go to suggestion after discussion. (White Giant)

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William Walker III (White Giant)

Monday, October 25, 2004 - 07:29 pm Click here to edit this post
J Jensen: I agree, as does any investor worth his weight in salt, that diversification is key to success in the long-term.

Unfortunately, as a CEO, it's damn near impossible to diversify. You can't build anything new, and it's next-to-impossible to buy a coporation for less than 100 Billion that isn't so deeply in debt that profit is impossible.

Before you can use the local market to good effect, you need to have the trillions of dollars that viable oppourtunities bring. You can't just wave your hand and say 'be diversified' without there being a realistic, non-luck based means to get there.

Bad Karma: Your argument is circular. My point is, if they make it so that quality is not enforced, you're right, we'll buy cheaper products. But I don't make high quality goods so I don't fear the C3 nations as competition. My goods will be purchased just like theirs are. (My average quality is 112 because I can't afford upgrades.)

If people complain because they're buying upgrades the market doesnt want, the solution isn't making quality mandatory, it's laughing at the people who bought something for their product that the market doesn't want.

If quality gives some kind of tangible benefit that we can see and (at least partially) qualify, then people will want to buy the high quality products again.

My point is there /should/ be a reason, and it should be a /CHOICE/ to buy quality, just like it is in the real world. Forcing people to behave like some economic textbooks says they should, by defintion, isn't simulation, it's dictation, and necessarily invalidates anything you could get out of the experiment.

Simulation demands as few artifical controls on behavior as possible.

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