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To Jonni & Co, Development Suggestions (White Giant)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  To Jonni & Co, Development Suggestions (White Giant)

Ahmed Hazem (White Giant)

Friday, October 22, 2004 - 09:46 am Click here to edit this post
Dear Dev Team,

I am quite new to the game and have a couple of suggestions for the development of the game. I guess a fresh eye can help a lot.

1) The major unsimulated aspect of world economy I feel bad about is the lack of impact of NATURAL RESOURCES. I would love to see different natural resources in different countries, and this should show especially in the mining and agricultural sectors.

2a) TRANSPORTATION effects: if I don't have the resource locally and import it from very far, I should be paying more than if I import it from the country next door.
2b) Moreover, a FREIGHT INDUSTRY should be in place, whose demand comes automatically with increase overseas trade. Of course, this is increased by regional supply differences (as countries and regions exchange their shortages and excess production). The cost of transportation should be added to the purchased items. This should give a comparative advantage to producers in regions where production is limited.

3a) About CONTRACTS, I have found that I am penalized if I cancel a contract while my partner isn't penalized when they do not provide me with the contracted service. I should be allowed to cancel a contract if my contracted supplier doesn't provide and to TAKE compensation for damage to my production.
3b) On the other hand, when I am looking for and sign local and common market contracts, why am I not presented first with available contracts to either accept or refuse? I would like to see them before signing. now I have contracts covering more than 100% of my monthly needs without my agreement on this oversupply and if I cancel I incur a penalty.

4a) I should be able to put an upper limit to my stocked strategic reserve of goods. It is so funny that my country is piling up reserves of the products that it can find (which, ironically, are exactly the products I do not want to stock now).
4b) Similarly, I should be able to place a strategy to fill my stocks at a level of my choice (example: the system can issue automatic orders of 10% of the needs to reach a specific desired stock level)

5) About the gamers. I really think the game (at least White Giant) will have an enormous appeal to students of economics. I am already thinking of how to advertise it in the Faculty of Economics and Political Science of Cairo University. If you try and interest some Economics schools in the game, you will definitely have more players and while fearless blue might move more and more towards war gamers, white giant might find itself catering to a totally different public. I would like to discuss with you possibilities of fundraising for this excellent simulation so development can continue uninterrupted by short term and silly funding needs. I would be happy to discuss this more with you if the game's administration finds it an appealing idea.

Many thanks for this great game of yours.

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