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The Shiekh (Fearless Blue)

Tuesday, May 10, 2005 - 06:56 pm Click here to edit this post

You are correct. I knew the difference between fusion and fission, and included both terms in one of my drafts, but you know how it is and things get lost and altered in editing. Mea culpa.

PV=nRT for a gas, I am prepared to speculate that the core of the planet behaves somewhat like a gas. No one knows for sure what it is comprised of or how it behaves. If for some reason the earths atmosphere was to escape and the pressure was to drop then using PV=nRT a probable outcome is for the volume of the earth to expand and for the planet to cool. Pressure of itself does not cause an increase in heat, the heat is a form of potential energy, on the other hand an increase in pressure does cause an increase in heat.

If it wasn't for nuclear decay the earth would be cooling more rapidly. Our survival depends on it (warmth plus mutation)!


It all depends upon how you measure success. You are right on the money about tribal groups sharing resources between the tribe, but you ignore the possibilities that not everyone in the tribe is happy with the distribution. The same thing applies at all levels of society, families squabble over how things are divided up "but I washed up last night, its your turn .... but I put out the garbage that counts as a washup, so its your turn ... no it doesn't ... yes it does ..bitch ... bastard ... dad, he's picking on me again ...." For that matter most people can't even divide things up between themselves; you've got a block of chocolate that you want to eat over a period of a week, the rationale for how much of the block you deserve can vary day to day or hour to hour, "I went for a walk around the block today, I've been good, so I deserve more", "that piece was mostly nuts, I need an extra bit to compensate", "today was a real bitch, I need more to keep my spirits up", needless to say if the block of chocolate lasts the whole week then its a bloody miracle. We even try and cheat ourselves.

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