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Tuesday, May 10, 2005 - 04:57 pm Click here to edit this post
''Ummm... no. The Soviet Union demonstrated the wrongness of this statement.''

-you can't prove big daddy's proposition (that free-markets are good planners) by disproving it's opposite. that's faulty logic, JG. you'll have to do better than that, smug-boy. :)

*tweaks JG on the nose*

market forces are purposefully (and sensibly) blinded to everything but the profit motive. transactions only take place if both parties think they will benefit. enviromental considerations only take place if it can increase that profitability. how would it be possible for an act of mineral extraction, for example, to carry any cost for a corporation other than the act of extraction itself? the only solution is a centrally legislated framework, run by government. not the market.

''I'm sitting on 800 acres of my own land. I put 600 acres into conservancy 5 years ago. most of it is untimbered woodland, the rest is field which has lain fallow for over 80 years...blah blah blah''

- i'm sure we're all impressed by your display of wealth. but, as your rant demonstrates perfectly, touchy-feely enviromentalism is a preserve only of those rich enough to afford it. when considered on the national level, it is ironic that third-world polluter nations will only become concerned about enviromentalism after their polluting industries have made them rich enough to afford it. of course, we can't complain in the west since we all followed that exact same process of industrialisation. survival comes first.

''The view we are doomed ignores a repeated capacity of humanity to come up with the goods when required.''
-it's an expression of a rather absurd kind of faith to believe that any and all problems can be solved by us within a limited time frame. we can solve a lot, but don't take it as faith that we can solve anything. remember, we still can't prevent a common cold after all our trying.

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