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The Shiekh (Fearless Blue)

Tuesday, May 10, 2005 - 03:35 am Click here to edit this post
Well said Jarren.

Geothermal is really a combination of solar and nuclear energy though. The planet is heated by solar energy from the sun, from nuclear decay within, and from energy stored over aeons of the planets solar/nuclear history. Solar energy is powered by nuclear fission, so the source of all energy is nuclear!

If all modern sources of energy were to vanish there is a fall back position, the burning of wood for cooking and for warmth. Some societies have barely moved beyond this state now, they would suffer little upheavel.

History is the story of survivors. We tend to forget (or never learn) the lessons of those colonies and expeditions that fail, they were either ill prepared or failed to adapt to the conditions. It is blind arrogance to think that the same can't happen to us in the future.

Xeolyte Carn:

The problem is not that there is no perfect human to administer the system, the problem is that everyone has different ideas of what is a fair method of allocation. Yes you get those in charge who want to skim some off the top, but you also have the problem of others who think that themselves or others deserve more/less than others. Whether its pregnant women deserving more food, children deserving less, the disabled and dying deserving nothing, or some other inequality that "the system" must address. You just can't please everyone.


Most businesses fail, fullstop. Many successfull business people have had failed businesses in the past, they learn from their mistakes.

There are plenty of societies where a prostitute can gross more than 175 a billable hour, and they don't need a high school education for that either.

Big Daddy:

Even if you dismiss all the scientists predictions about global warming, for example, you are still left with questions that needs answering. Is it a wise move to significantly alter the gas composition of the air we breathe? Most prudent people would say no.

I accept that I'm on shaky ground with immigration. Why is immigration to Qatar 5 times that of the US, and 15 times that of its neighbour Bahrain? Bahrain has a higher UN HDI than Qatar, and has the highest HDI in the region.

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