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hymy ..

Sunday, May 08, 2005 - 06:38 am Click here to edit this post
I tried to find the exact article I remember reading about the ozone hole thingy. I know it was, but I haven't been able to get their search to turn it up. I suspect it is just gone and will keep looking though. I did find two articles that reference it. They much more upbeat, which is heartening. But really Ozone depletion was an environmental success, and in time we will not need worry about it.

I'm not an environmentlist, I just see what is coming and don't particularly think humanity has any intention of doing anything about it.

Wait till hurricane season starts, If I'm right, there will be 4-6 destructive hurricanes hitting florida before years end. If that doesn't happen I will probably lighten my doomsday attitude a little. A very key factor in all of this is volcanic activity, and my gut tells me that warming oceans will lead to increased vulcanism. Plus the indonesian earthquake may have started some volaconoes down the path too eruption. Some of those indonesion volvanoes can be down right hell spawn when they erupt. Vulcanism, depending on the particular type could either hasten or slow global warming. I was kinda hoping Mt. Ranier would become active along with Mt. St Helens return to active vulcanism. That kind of vulcanism would by us some time, only problem is my luck is the cooling that would result would just further reinforce the popular opinion that global warming is fake.

And even if I'm wrong, the progresses of medical science are great and many of us may live to see 2100 AD, and if CO2 projections play out such as they are expected too, it will be hell on earth in 2100. The thing that bothers me is that we can use fossil fuels, if we do so sparingly, the oceans absorb some excess C02. If were to begin reducing emmissions now we'd be fine.

Thanks for link Corsec, I bet Once I get set up I bet I can recruit a good immunologist to help me.

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