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Big Daddy

Sunday, May 08, 2005 - 04:25 am Click here to edit this post
The market is blind. The human beings who livings depend on our economies aren't. Irrational fears of change convince noone of anything. Hybrid vehicles are here now. Fuel cells are just around the corner. Every advance made sparks more desperate responses from the so-called environmentalsits. The ridiculous thing is, how many of you are prepared for any sort of disruption of the current systems? I'm sitting on 800 acres of my own land. I put 600 acres into conservancy 5 years ago. most of it is untimbered woodland, the rest is field which has lain fallow for over 80 years. I heat my house with an incinerator that burns damned near anything non-metal. With 3 fireplaces and a wood stove, my modern gas kitchen could be mothballed anytime I like. Since power goes out frequently here, I have 2 10kw generators that run on gas. The carbs can be adjusted for ethenol or methenol. The original cold cellar from the house is still here. Without going out for groceries, the wife and I could last 6 months easy on the food we have in stock. We're not survivalists but could become so without maxing out a single credit card. If you people are so convinced the end is nigh, why are you wasting your time with a computer game, much less BSing on forums? Shouldn't you be digging caves into remote mountainsides somewhere? Actions speak louder than words. Of all the doomsayers I've encountered over the years, never have I met a one that was doing a damned thing to try to prepare for anything. Sorry, but this old dog smells bullshit from a long way off. You can call me whatever you like, but I am not hearing anything about what you folks DO about your concerns other than bitch. That ground I put into trust was worth over 3 million easy, but i like the view across the valley and wanted to keep it. I've looked at the hybrids out now, but my two corollas get about the same mileage and are still fairly new yet. You guys driving electrics yourselves? Predict and prognosticate, but you aren't convincing me of anything. The shiekh there is the only one that seems to think reasonably and I'll listen with respect to what the man has to say. As for the chicken littles out there, why don't you shut your pc's off and sit in the dark. Electrical power generation hurts the environment.

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