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Saturday, May 07, 2005 - 09:06 pm Click here to edit this post
America is the problem with climate change. The media here in the US burys climate dabacle stories where nobody will see them, if they cover it all. There are examples of climatic problems in the news at least once or more times a week these days, but It gets absolutly no TV time. And if it ain't on TV the average american will not see it. Just take the southern argentina UV problem. In the summer the OZONE hole gets so big that it envelops parts argentina delivering UV radiation so strong that you can get a 3rd degree burn in moments. Or the problems egypt is having with the very real fact that the Sea levels are rising. Or any number of news stories on the world wide problem of Glacier melt, not too mention the increases in the melt rate of the greenland ice pack. That last one could plunge the world into and ice age, ironically enough. Or the fact that is now clear that an iceage can go into full effect in 10 years, and take 10000 thousand or more to run it's course. I can go on and on about news stories I have read along these lines, and that's just from my daily reading of

Being in Food Science I can tell you, Marketing is also a problem. The truth is the american consumers don't really know what they want until some ad on tv ad tells them what they want. It's all voodoo. Just look at all the "mega meal items" being trotted by every fast food chain and restaurant. Burgers made with doughnuts, and and all that burger king crap, it's just horrible dominoe effect steming from what some marketer thinks he can make people buy. Car ads are the worst too, if they were hyping evironmental friendly cars instead what the crap they hype on TV everynight, it would make a difference, because americans will by anything that TV tells them is cool. Big business here though is only interested in maintaining the status quo for as long as possible, because for some inscrutable reason they are not interested in change. Actually I think corporate marketers are just a bunch of frat boys who took there silly college rivalaries to the big league and now the rest of us are stuck in the endless games to outdo the otherside in endless competition to see who can make consumers buy the stupidest thing possible.

None of this is going to change anytime soon, the republicans are in control and will be for some time. Make no mistake, the only thing the republincans are interested in is lots of cheap oil to feed the addiction. The rest of the world though should be commended because they seem to be doing something about the problem. Unfortuanatly unless someone gets america to go along, everyone is dead.

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