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Big Daddy (Kebir Blue)

Saturday, May 07, 2005 - 08:16 pm Click here to edit this post
You know, Shiekh, its that kind of rational thinking and consideration of factual evidence that makes these discussions so enjoyable. You are totally correct about Australian and Canadian immigration. New Zealand is becoming rather attractive too, I understand. You are making my point, however. People are coming to the western democracies for better lives. They are being accepted and continue to make their new countries even stronger. As long as we continue to get the most motivated from the rest of the world, they will lag behind.

Back to the enviro issue, it would seem that we a concensus as to the need to do something. The disagreement is over scale and time frames. While hymy is claiming that we are in danger of imminent extinction, and you espouse a more conservative view, I will trust the market to reflect the actual state of affairs. If the oceans are devoid of fish, Starkist isn't going to sell me that can of tuna for a dollar. I trust humans to act in their self interest. The oil companies are going to charge the maximum price they can for their products. No corporation is going to take losses in an effort to "hide" something from the consumer. Again, as supply and demand interact, balance will be found. I already replaced an oil furnace with an incinerator system. If electricity gets ridiculously expensive, I'll replace the roof with solar panels. The point is that the market doesn't lie. Its too big. Everything else is subject to controls and manipulation, the press, studies, reports, computer models, etc.

Wasn't trying to impugn your beliefs visavis religion, just floating the possibility.

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