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The Shiekh (Fearless Blue)

Saturday, May 07, 2005 - 07:55 pm Click here to edit this post
Xeolyte Carn:

Yes mankind could probably establish a primitive moonbase now, but that is far from being enough. Not only do we need the ability to establish a moon base, but the moon base needs also to be self supporting (ie no shipments from earth), furthermore the moonbase needs to be able to harness the resources of the moon and to be able to expand by establishing new self supporting bases. Unless bases are self supporting and self replicating they are merely outposts, a foothold that lasts untill something goes wrong. These steps (or their equivalent) are essential before we can think of taking to the stars and colonising other worlds. We are far from ready.

Big Daddy:

We will keep using fossil fuels till they run out or something better comes along. At the moment the world is in denial about the situation: the scientists (doctors) have come along and said the world is not well (you are dying), you'll have to give up burning fossil fuels (smoking), and we've said "yeah you are right, its screwing the planet, we've got to stop", but what the free marketers say to themselves instead is "well, we know we've got to give up fossil fuels, but we had might as well just use up the fossil fuel deposits we've already discovered" (I'll give up smoking, but I'll wait till I finish the pack of cigarettes, hang on I think I've got a few more packs of cigarettes around the house too, no point in wasting them). The world is addicted to fossil fuels, and will have to be dragged away from them kicking and screaming. Free markets will not help us here.

I am not particularly anti American, despite how you may perceive it, in point of fact I entertained an American friend for dinner last night. America is hardly unique in accepting people from afar into their community, the rate of immigration to Australia is 20% higher than that of America, and Canada's immigration rate is almost double that of the US (Source: CIA factbook). Getting immigrants into the country is one thing, having them integrate or assimilate into the community is another, going by the predominance of racial/nationalistic tensions in the US there are other countries that have handled such transitions better. Then of course there is the urban/rural divide where people are treated somewhat differently, in small towns, the world over, its not uncommon for someone who moves in from a town/city/state not far away to be treated as an "outsider" for decades before gaining acceptance by the local community. You might recognise them relatively quickly as being an American, but it takes longer for them to be recognised as a "proper" Californian, Texan, South Dakotan, etc.

I am familiar with the green movement being likened to a religion, and I recognise that for many environmentalists the spiritual side to it is a strong factor. Sadly, I lack that spiritual connection, Gaian I am not. The dogmatic refusal by The Greens to compromise on what it stands for does offer some attraction politically, even if some of their ideas are a bit kooky. I voted for The Greens at the last election, The Greens received 14% of the vote at my polling booth, 11% of the vote in my electorate, and 7% of the vote nationally. Then again I voted One Nation the previous election which is at the opposite end of the political spectrum, which goes to show that protest votes are fun, and are in no way wasted in the Australian system.

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