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Big Daddy

Saturday, May 07, 2005 - 05:09 am Click here to edit this post
Shiekh: The faith i was referring to was people to look after their themselves. You cleared up your point a couple of posts ago in regards to potential supply limits of resources. We agree on that. As raw materials become more expensive to extract, alternatives are sought. I eas reading today in usnews and world report about the huge demand for hybrids now and the car makers progress with fuel cells. New tech is always bulky and inefficient, but once in production is refined and improved. The point being is that we're headed in the right direction. Free markets will adjust to changing conditions. As oil/gas becomes more costly, we will shift to new technologies. Its already happening.

The animus you would seem to bear to the US is still a bit perplexing. The english speaking nations are united by trade and treary to a degree never before seen in world relations. Our societies have their own unique flavors, but we have much more in common than differences.

As a final note, having had extended discussions with serious environmentalists, I have noted a pattern. The beliefs espoused by many have a religious fervor and as much dependency on blind faith as testable fact. That's fine, but a religion is a religion. You may not see it as such, but perhaps you are not an athiest but rather a gaeist? Worship of the earth is the oldest religion known to man. you would hardly be alone in your beliefs.

John: I concur. American culture is constantly adapting to new influences. In dicussing this thread with my wife, still an Italian citizen, she reamarked that what makes America special is that people come here and become Americans, as opposed to the status of guest workers in so many other countries. The only requirement to be an American in the cultural, not legal, sense is to think of oneself as such. Does a native of Korea really have a chance of being accepted as a "true" german? The US has its share of bigoted assholes to be sure, but as a whole is totally accepting our new citizens.

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