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Big Daddy

Thursday, May 05, 2005 - 02:20 am Click here to edit this post

1. You are still making the same zero sum argument about one losing relatively for another to gain relatively. Loss and gain are subjective concepts based upon the economic principle of utility. For the west to prosper disproportionately to other regions is not an indication of exploitation but rather more productive and efficient methods. You may make the argument that because the west has made use of a greater share of natural resources, that implies oppression of those who have used less. Again, that is static thinking. Keep your hug. If I sell you a meal for five dollars that makes me a profit and a profit for all of the producers of its ingredients, and if you derive satisfaction from the meal and find it to be worth the money, who in that scenario loses? Gresham has stated before on these boards about economies being primarily about psychology. I agree with his view entirely. It simply does not require disparity for everyone to propsper. Disparity occurs due to differences in available resources, means of production, political systems, scale, etc. That does not make the more prosperous somehow wrong for achieving better results. Our standard of living in fact falls due to outsourcing of production to "cheaper" markets, at least in the short run. In the long run, competition leads to greater effectivity and specialization of work for greater efficiency to the world economy as a whole. Using your argument, those workers making the "cheap" products that elevate our standard of living are oppressed by their employment and therefore would be liberated by their unemployment? It makes no sense. The US was at one point the "cheap" source of raw materials for European markets. How well did that work out?

2. As for oppressing the environment, someone else pointed out that that is reality. All human activity will impact the enviroment, as does all plant and animal activity. We as humans know that and are addressing it. The evil, industrialized west most of all. Yes, the aerth is a closed system to some degree, but we possess the ability to move beyond it. Progress is inevitable and solutions the problems we have will be found. Things may change for better or worse, but they will change and humans will adapt. Soil depletion is another one of those debatable topics that depends on viewpoint and region. The current Environmentalist movement is hung up on stasis. Any change to the environment is bad and all human activity is wrong and destructive. We are probably not going to agree at all the subject as we come at it from ideological polar opposites. Incidently, aside from fossil fuels ,of what raw material are we facing imminent depletion? and when exactly?

3. Also glad to see the Australians. Lovely country.

4. It was ammusing to read your comments about "all" americans think this or that or do this or that. LMFAO I will say it again. Americans don't agree on anything. This country is the conglomeration of all other nations. The rabid patriotism you accuse us of is the reason EG and I were debating on this thread. We have freedoms I love and and you westerners as well have yours. You will not find a post of mine that says "all belgians are fanatics" or some such crap. Yours are replete with those assertations. Jarren, I believe, stated that America's attitudes flood the world. Might that be because the world buys so much of Americas cultural exports? Personally, I reject american pop culture and find my countrymen to be overwhemingly celebrity obsessed and addicted to the culture of youth and status. I dont live that way myself. Are your countries full of americans standing on your street corners proclaiming our superiority or perhaps purchasing tv and radio ads to that effect?

4.HYMY: I watched a discovery channel program the other day dealing with hydrogen fuels. Sorry for not committing the exact details to memory, but the thrust of it was that several japanese car manufacturers have working combustible hydrogen cars beyond prototype stage and essentially ready for production. A segment was explaining test bed platforms for refueling stations here in the US and the issues to be resolved dealt with the national distribution system, or lack thereof. Gasoline moves primarily by pipeline to local distributors and hyrogen requires a similar system to be constructed. The storage issue in terms of fuel tanks has apparently been addressed. You were dead on about electric cars though, that just pushes the issue back to the generation of power.

5. Shiekh: My apologies for calling you a kid, though that was addressed to the whole,
which is on the youthful side. You indicated that you are late 30's, perhaps early 40's. When your kids have kids and those kids are getting damned close to having kids of their own, you will see alot more people as

6. Again, I love the thoughtful responses this thread has been generating. Some really smart people are playing this game and despite W3's screwing it up, I hope you folks keep up with it.

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