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hymy .. (Fearless Blue)

Tuesday, May 03, 2005 - 09:54 pm Click here to edit this post


"Hydrogen fuel cells require H2 manufactured by burning fossilised fuel."

Incorrect. First of all, burning a hydrocarbon will give you water and carbon dioxide, probably some carbon monoxide too. There are many ways of producing hydrogen, some are more economically feasable than others, however.

The original poster meant that one way to make hydrogen is to dehyrogenate hydrocarbons, such as natural gas. This method produces co2, and really isn't any better than just burning gas more cleanly. Other methods are just to expensive. The other hurdle is Hydrogen fuel storage; it currently isn't possible to store enough for a 300 mile drive. This is a consumer acceptance problem.

In the short term there is no reason why we can't have 100% electricity cars that you simple plug into the wall and recharge. This would help the environment some. That would solve half the equation, and when we develop a better method to generate elcectricty, the whole thing would balance. But again it's a consumer acceptance problem.

Environmentalists (me) can bitch about CO2 emissions all we want, but until the general public begins to suffer the effects of global warming, nothing will be done about global warming. I can't wait for hurricane season, Florida will need to be abandoned soon.

Another oft overlooked method of reducing CO2 emissions is the use of a gasoline turbine to provide electricity to an electric motor. The turbine uses very little gas compared to an ordinary internal combustion engine, and electric motors deliver far more power than internal combustion, so it's a perfect marriage, and would buy us many years to work on the CO2 problem.

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