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Jarren (Fearless Blue)

Tuesday, May 03, 2005 - 06:41 pm Click here to edit this post
A further response to El Guapo and Big Daddy.

1. I dont think America is egocentric in its world view, its world view is entirely natural, and in keeping with all other societies - self involved, and self obsessed, entirely natural. The problem is scale. Your self involvement and self obsession floods across our borders in unstoppable waves, where ours makes no impression going the other way.

2. The american definition of freedom seems to be `what we have and you dont`, and `the reason the world doesnt like us - because they are jealous of our freedoms`. We are a democracy, if we thought what you had was freedom, we would vote for people to give it to us. We have strict gun control. The US view is we are less free because of it, but we want strict gun control (does freedom include the freedom to have gun control if we want). Our view is we are free (free of guns, and free to have our own gun laws), and you are not free (just mad). Some European countries have much less restrictions on drugs / nudity etc. etc. but the US doesnt look at them and think, `boy are we jealous of their freedoms`, instead they think `arent they degenerate and permissive`.
So, we really truly arent jealous, if we were, we would go there, or elect people to do it here.

3. The world hates the US - no it doesnt(some of the people in it yes). But what a great cop out for the US political system. They dont criticise because they have a valid point of view, or because we may have made an error, they only criticise because they dont like us, so dont listen to them.

4. The US has the best and most free press in the world. It might do, but that might be what is wrong with it, and you rely on it at your peril. In most Western democracies with a large well funded government broadcaster, that broadcaster is almost inevitably the broadcaster with the best reputaion for quality and reliabilty of information (including digging the dirt on the government). The Australian ABC has a hate/hate relationship with the government, and if you want to see government ministers facing tough questions and accusations, that is where you go. The free, high quality say nothing that might offend anyone sycophantic `free` media are at there best discussing the relative merits of dish wahing liquid,and airing programs set at the lowest common demoninator.

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