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The Shiekh (Fearless Blue)

Tuesday, May 03, 2005 - 04:11 am Click here to edit this post
Big Daddy:

1. This is a false conclusion. The correct conclusion to draw would have been that the increase in standard of living of exploited countries (taken as a whole) over 300 years was less than the increase in standard of living that occured in exploiting countries (like the US and most of the west). It is possible for all countries to increase standard of living, it merely requires disparity in such an increase.

2. Did I not say that "working smarter" was the other reason for an increase in standard of living. Many (but not all) of those innovations you cited were american innovations, and some of them have produced global harm for the benefit of the few.

3. Wrong, when talking about standard/quality of living not everything is a zero sum game. Here, let me give you a hug. We've both gained a warm fuzzy feeling, and all I've lost is my self respect. But for someone to "gain" relative to others, then yes others must "lose" relatively.

4. The rate of topsoil depletion in countries that farm the land hard indicate that the converse is true, arable land is over utilised. Increases to the population while maintaining the same standard of living is possible short term by working the planet harder. At some point humans will hit limits that cannot be crossed, regardless of what compromises we are prepared to make. The earth is like a fishtank, it can only support so many fish, sure you can increase the stocking of the tank by increasing the oxygenation of the water, the filtration and removal of fish waste, the addition of extra food, but such increases in stocking can not go on indefinitely, at some point the tank becomes all fish and no water.

5. If you think that the only resource that is limited is oil, you are mad. All resources are limited, even solar energy.

6. I am not a kid, I was alive in the 60s. You are correct, the concept of "screwing your neighbour" has been around from before biblical times.

I might add that when I said theft and plunder as methods of oppression, I was referring to methods other than those which immediately come to mind. For example damming a river so that you can extract plentiful water for irrigation and hydro power while depriving people down stream from the water resource is a form of oppression. Polluting a river also oppresses those people down stream. Over exploitation of a shared fishery (or oil/gas field, or animal migration) by one country is another example of oppression of other countries via the inequitable harnessing of a shared resource. Corporations (from rich countries of course) patenting chemicals/molecules/enzymes etc found in the native fauna and flora of poor countries for corporate exploitation is another form of oppression. How exactly is this theirs to own and market, its nothing but plunder.

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