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Tuesday, May 03, 2005 - 12:01 am Click here to edit this post
Many people in poor countries "work" much harder than people in the west, I believe work has little to do with it.

Which is why of course disease is a major factor in the death rate of third world countries while Hyper-tension induced coronary events is a killer in the US.

Come off it man just how "hard" a person works has little to do with anyone's standard of living.

Education or at least "knowledge" is a large factor. There is not a person on the face of this planet that in possession of the right knowledge can't increase thier standard of living.

Granted it may NOT be to the level of an industrialized country in possession of adequate natural resources .. it very easily could however be enough to prevent a family from dying due to poor water quality.

It takes an industrialized nation to produce a standard of living seen in the West. It takes natural resources to produce an industrialized economy (why do you think China is buying all the raw material she can grab?).

Could people in the West do with less .. why of course however why should we? One day soon we may have to, until then we intend to enjoy what we have and continue to die from stroke or heart attacks attempting to pay for it.

It does not however require anything other than education and a government that will allow it, to increase someone's quality of life

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